Wednesday, October 16, 2013

She Is Malala - Shot Pakistani Teenager Ruthlessly Exploited By Unscrupulous Adults

When one thinks about the young people who accumulate multi- million dollar fortunes by shamelessly courting bad publicity, it's with eternal shame that shot Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai will be all but forgotten the next time Justin Bieber falls drunk out of a night club or Miley Cyrus does a sexually explicit dance on stage.

At this point in time Malala Yousafzai's star is high in the heavens and she is hot property in media circles; her presence is in demand everywhere from the United Nations to CNN, with the only dissent coming from within the global Muslim community.

As is normal in the world of modern political manipulation, every politician and celebrity worth their salt have crawled out from under their rocks in an attempt to associate themselves with Malala and her mission to make education for Muslim girls a right.

The usual suspects are all over this brave girl like a virus in the hope of enhancing their humanitarian credentials by basking in her reflected glory.  Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ban Ki Moon etc. ad nauseum.  These people have no shame.

There can be a no more debilitating sight than watching the reputed sociopath and one of Great Britain's worst Prime Ministers in history, Gordon Brown, making sure he gets his photo opportunity with Malala at the UN.

I was not aware that this more than useless freeloader, who oversaw the debasement of British education, is laboring under the grand title of United Nation's Special Envoy For Global Education instead of representing his constituents in Parliament. 'All must have prizes' on a global scale, Heaven help us all.

How many of these charlatans and opportunists could enlighten us about the life of Fareeda Afridi? I suspect none of them but then Fareeda was not sponsored by the BBC and lauded in trendy international media circles.

Like Malala, she also campaigned for Muslim women's rights and spoke out against the Taliban but unfortunately for her the hit was successful and she was shot dead.  Her achievements go largely
unrecognized by the same politicians and celebrities who have temporarily adopted Malala.

Incidentally, it's a measure of Malala Yousafzai's bravery, determination and colossal spirit that the murder of Fareeda Afridi didn't frighten her off her campaign as it was meant to do.

For those not familiar with the Malala phenomenon here is a recap which also raises a host of questions.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani teenager from the war torn Swat valley who was a vocal advocate of education for Muslim girls.  This goes against the beliefs of the majority of Muslims, in particular the barbaric throwbacks to the Stone Age, the Taliban.

Apart from blowing up schools in the Swat valley, they also climbed aboard her school bus and shot Malala in the face at point blank range in an attempt to silence her.  Miraculously she survived and has recovered enough to continue her campaign from outside her beloved homeland.

From the moment of her shooting the circus began in earnest.  Malala was taken to Peshawar where she was treated by a British doctor who happened to be working there.  Despite the atrocities carried out by the Taliban on a daily basis which are largely ignored, offers to treat Malala came from all over the world;  the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi even offered his personal jet, which has a fully equipped operating theatre on board, to fly her to a specialist unit in Germany.

Surprisingly she ended up in Birmingham, England (as opposed to Alabama).  To anyone with even the slightest knowledge of England's second city, this should come as an astonishing surprise.

Bearing in mind that Malala could have gone anywhere in the world for treatment and recuperation, Birmingham appears to be a strange choice.  Rumours are rife that the BBC used its malign influence in the political world to get her into Great Britain in order to exercise their rights over their very own blogger.

It is now claimed that Malala is going to settle in Birmingham and pursue her ambition of becoming a politician and possibly the Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Malala is obviously completely ignorant about her adopted city.

Birmingham has been variously described as a cesspit, a banana republic and more recently by the governments own inspectors, a national disgrace.

The Chief Inspector of Ofsted ( Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) has stated in his recent report that Birmingham is the worse place to grow up in the developed world.

It has a child mortality rate higher than Cuba and twice the national average.

A third of all children live in poverty.

Children's services are appalling and don't meet the basic expectations of keeping vulnerable children safe. (see here also)

While Malala survived the attention of the Taliban, two year old Keanu Williams didn't survive Birmingham Children's Services and was beaten to death by his mother.

In the case of medical treatment, bearing in mind the record of poor treatment, neglect and unnecessary deaths, Malala is taking a big risk.  Birmingham is within close proximity to the Mid Staffordshire Health authorities where nobody, at this point, has been prosecuted for the 1,200 'above expectation' deaths.

Things are so bad that Birmingham Children's Hospital has set up an App for complaints.

Sadly, Malala obviously hasn't been made aware that she is not welcome and even reviled, by the Birmingham Muslim community.  Some of her more vocal opponents have actually declared a fatwa against her to finish the job where the Taliban failed; to these barbarians she is an apostate and therefore she must die.

Unfortunately, for the Muslim community in Birmingham, and the whole of Great Britain for that matter, Malala Yousafzia is not the brave heroine fighting for children's education rights that the politicians and the media portray; she is a traitor to Islam that deserves death. ( see here, here and here).

If the brave Malala avoids her co-religionists with their fatwa and lives on for another few years, she will be living in Birmingham under Sharia law and her journey out of her beloved Swat valley will have been in vain.

Combined with Jamaican Yardies, Chinese Triads, Romanian criminal gangs and beggars, Russian Mafia gangs and a host of other economic migrants and welfare colonists, this is the new transformed Great Britain of 2013 that Malala has been conned into entering.

This is supposedly the peaceful, multi-cultural Utopia that is being touted by the treacherous political class, where all these different ethnic groups and cultures have stopped their usual habit of killing each other and living together in peaceful co-existence.

It's ironic that a young girl, persecuted for her beliefs by her own Muslim people, came to a Christian country for sanctuary only to find her adopted city is being slowly taken over by her persecutors.



  1. I'm glad she survived this barbaric cowardly attack, and she's continuing to fight her corner. However, why does she feel the need to dress like she's still some man's property?
    Also one poster in the Telegraph last week claimed she, and her family, were living in a house worth £750,000. I know they couldn't give her a free house in one of the heavily colonized areas of Brum, but why Brum, and why a mansion?
    Also in the Telegraph ( yesterday) an article on how socialism ruined Birmingham, some good comments there.

    1. There's no doubt about her courage in the face of the savages who did this to her, she's a great example of standing up to your tormentors.

      I've listened to a few of her speeches and I get the impression that most of what she is proposing would be unacceptable to the vast majority of Muslims, she might as well not be one.

      I understand there were lots of offers to pay her medical bills which is the humanitarian thing to do but the rest of her financing is a mystery.

      As she is a private citizen it would be interesting to know who is financing her current life style, including all her global travel and will they carry on financing her when she is no longer a media star?

      Why Brum and why a mansion? Good question.

  2. What she did was brave but financing her through out her life and paying her bills by the hard earned money of the taxpayers is nonsense

    1. Its only taxpayers money and there's endless supply of that for the virtue signalers to burn