Friday, October 18, 2013

There'll Always Be An England? - Not After The Ethnic Cleansers Have Finished There Won't

News that a taxi driver in the English county of Devon has been threatened with losing her livelihood for displaying the English flag on her cab, may seem a minor incident, but looking deeper into the issue uncovers a concerted effort to ban the Cross of St George and discourage any form of English identity.

I would accept the charge of exaggeration or hyperbole but the anti-English behavior of the zealots in Devon is far from being an isolated incident.  Agenda driven bureaucrats from politicized institutions all across England, including local authorities, teachers and the police, are clamping down hard, using threats and intimidation, to discourage any display of English identity, no matter how small.

The fact that this is a concerted, coordinated effort to eradicate English symbols and identity by institutions all across England is indisputable proof that there is an official policy to replace English culture in England.

In the case of the cabbie in Devon, a mealy mouthed weasel from Teignmouth council named Mark Walters claimed that the small St George badges are "in breach of equality laws" and went on to say that the badges "puts anyone not English at a disadvantage in their day to day life".

This pathetic, anti-English apparatchik admitted that there was only a single complaint in over a year; which was all this jumped up little creep needed to puff up his chest and use his perceived authority to threaten an English lady with the loss of her livelihood.

Councillors in Thurrock, Essex called on the police to force taxi cab drivers to remove the St George flags from their vehicles despite the fact that it was St George's Day.  It's a pity that the new politicized police 'service' didn't demonstrate the same enthusiasm when Muslim hate preachers flew the crescent moon flag during the repatriation of the remains of British heroes from the war zones.

The words from an anonymous spokesweasel for Thurrock council demonstrates the arrogance of the modern day agenda driven bureaucrat and the assumption that they control the people rather than the other way round.  "In the spirit of St George's Day we are happy to let them display the flag but they will have to remove them after the event".  The use of we and they in this case should give cause for concern that the bureaucrats have a high opinion of themselves and assuming authority beyond their mandate.

On the south coast of England, taxi drivers in Southampton are being threatened by bureaucrats with the loss of their livelihoods for displaying signs informing customers that they speak English. This is a reaction to complaints that there is a plethora of taxi drivers in the town that are unable to communicate in England's native tongue.

An anti-English grievance monger and race baiter by the name of Ged Gubby claims this is racist, however if there were similar signs displaying an Urdu, Hindi or Swahili speaker Gubby claims this would not be racist.

I am sure that the author of this article, Alex Deane, speaks for us all when he muses thus:

'" I am left wondering - (1) how we ever let things get his far, when councils intrude into the lives of residents in such an absurd way; (2) how anyone on the said council could actually think that it was right to do so.; (3) why some people in this country hate our own language and flag so much".

The ethnic cleansing of English culture (de-homogenizing is the politically correct term) has been long planned and was clearly in evidence during the last World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa.

Binmen (garbage collectors to our American cousins) from the soccer mad city of Liverpool, were threatened with the sack if they displayed the flag of St. George in support of England's campaign. Taxi drivers in the East English county of Kent were similarly threatened.

An anonymous spokesweasel for the Enterprise-Liverpool garbage company blamed driver visibility and pedestrian safety for his anti-English actions while Roger Vick, the designated spokesweasel for the Kent licencing authority blamed public perception.

This faceless bureaucrat and anti-English enforcer is quoted as saying: "a taxi has to be seen as a public service vehicle".  He then proceeds to blabber on and patronise the cab users of Kent who he assumes must be totally incapable of spotting a taxi.

"If a taxi has flags this could create confusion as to whether it was a public service vehicle or not. We are not being killjoys. There is a degree of health and safety as well".

It's not just local council bureaucrats and the police who are aiding and abetting the ethnic cleansers; brainwashing the kids from an early age requires the cooperation of school teachers, many of whom are only too happy to oblige.

A government report found that politically correct teachers were punishing school kids by sending them home if they wore clothing which displayed the cross of St George.

The guilty people in the 'progressive' movement can try to deny it as much as they like but the evidence that there is a coordinated campaign to ethnically cleanse or de-homogenise, English culture is overwhelming. (See here for more St George ban behavior).

In conclusion it's worth showing two iconic women who represent the faces of England and let the reader decide which one is preferable:

Firstly, Vera Lynn, the wartime darling of the British forces, English patriot and tireless motivator of the British people during their darkest hour when the lonely fight against the National Socialist German Workers Party looked hopeless.

There'll Always Be An England ( to be inspired this is a must see video)

Read the lyrics here

Secondly by way of comparison here is Rotherham's own Common Purpose trained England hater Joyce Thacker.

Dogmatic multi-culturalism ( to be depressed this is a must see video)

Sincere apologies for invoking the odious spirit of Joyce Thacker on a Friday and no insult was intended by putting her on the same page as Vera Lynn.

I can only suggest that after watching Joyce Thacker one takes a long hot shower to cleanse the body then imbibe five fingers of your favourite tipple to cleanse the mind.

Update: It would appear that some clarification is in order with reference to my status and attitude.

I was born and bred in the South Wales coalfield. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That's what it says on my passport.

I support the four unique cultures that make up the United Kingdom.

I have always been a fan of the English people and their culture from Shakespeare to the Premier League, from cricket to English ale. I recognize that England is the dominant culture of these islands.

That makes me a realist not a traitor.

Wales has played its part in British history and sacrificed blood and treasure to keep it free.

I am a proud Welshman.

I am also a British patriot.

I am not ashamed of who I am.

I am proud of British history.

I am not ashamed of our past.

God Bless England and the United Kingdom.


  1. I don't use taxis much, but when I do I'll never get in one if the driver is an "ethnic". I don't use their shops either. What's more, I really don't care if I'm called a racist.

    1. It's called choice. It's your money and you can spend it where you want. They do the same, they only patronize each others businesses.

      The term 'racist' has been overused to the point where it meaningless. Everyone is a racist in some way or other.

  2. As various people have said, England's greatest enemies aren't to be found in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or even Brussels. No, they're here in England, and many of them come from families that have probably been living in England a few more generations than my family's been here. They're the British ruling classes. Now, if we could get rid of the British, we English, not to mention our neighbours in this kingdom, would all be a lot better off.

  3. Spot on, the enemy is within and they will have to go if England is to survive.

    The other British nations in this Kingdom need to stop the phony war and accept that if England falls, we all fall.

  4. Good! Getting a taste of your own medicine perhaps. The English have been trying to eradicate the Cornish identity for centuries, don't hear you bleating about that. Ethnic cleansing of the English from these isles is the best thing that could happen for the other nations you share the island with.

    1. Why do you always have to crop up whenever England is being discussed? We're foreigners to you, so England's nowt to do with thee, you little racist Nazi thug. Please go top yourself. It would be the best thing that could happen for the nations who share these islands.

    2. Every time I go there it pisses down with rain. You're welcome to it

    3. Fulub@5:26. Thanks for sharing your issues. I have travelled all over England and never heard anyone show any animosity toward Cornwall that deserves such an ugly, unpleasant response.

      My response to you as follows:

      1) I am Welsh not English, I thought I made that clear.

      2) Meibion Kernow, the Cornish Nationalists, took around 4% in the last local elections and around 1% in the general election, therefore it's obvious that your fellow Cornish folk don't share your views.

      3) Cornwall has historically been Liberal territory with the Tories gathering pace lately. These two parties have sworn to sell you out lock, stock and clotted cream to the European Union. If you have identity issues now, wait until the Eurocrats get hold of you.

      4) Your core industries of fishing and agriculture have been destroyed by the CFP and the CAP not your English compatriots. You still elect these deadbeats to power. Is this the Stockholm Syndrome?

      5) It would appear that if Cornwall has identity issues then you've only got yourselves to blame.

  5. Fulub Hosking @ 5:26 said:

    'The English have been trying to eradicate the Cornish identity for centuries, don't hear you bleating about that'

    Could you elaborate on just who these evil Englishmen were/are? You see my ancestors were impoverished agricultural labourers, from Devon (for Americans that's the county which borders Cornwall) and I very much doubt they had a hand in eradicating anything - trying to survive being the main activity. I think you'll find it was the ruling class, you know the one's who descend from the Normans; who introduced feudalism; who gave us the Enclosure Acts, etc. You need to seperate what the top 1 per cent did and how the rest suffered.


    'Ethnic cleansing of the English from these isles is the best thing that could happen for the other nations you share the island with.'

    You're preaching genocide. I've known quite a few Cornishmen over the years - served with them in 3 Commando Brigade. Your views would be anathema to them. Sick.


    1. Steve, I've been to Cornwall many times and I have always been made welcome. I never met anyone as messed up as this Fulub chap.

      He/she obviously has a persecution complex of some kind combined with some sever anger management issues. It takes all sorts, as the saying goes.

  6. Yes Daniel, but its the same mentality that blames the entire white race (8 per cent of the world's population) for things like slavery. He needs to read William Cobbet's Rural Rides for a start. Cobbett's observations on the conditions negro slaves in the US endured, and the even worse conditions the peasants in England experienced, is astounding. All the world's ills are caused by elites, self-appointed or otherwise.


    1. If climate is taken into account, the working conditions for the peasants was much worse, especially for groups like miners.

      The peasants had nothing to do with slavery or empire but are being lumped in with the elite in order to be included in the blame whitey culture.

  7. Hmm....good post again.

    I've been ruminating over your post and this interview with Joyce Thacker of the Rotherham Council who removed children from foster parents who are UKIP supporters. It seems to me you guys need to get your longbows out.

  8. Joyce Thacker is an appalling specimen and totally dedicated to the ethnic cleansing cause. That interview should act as a wake up call to every blue blooded Englishman.

    She was also in office during the notorious Rotherham Muslim paedophile scandal where underage white girls were groomed by Muslim men then subjected to horrific sexual abuse. The authorities turned a blind eye to this barbarism on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivity. (See earlier posts)
    The bad news is that one of Thacker's colleagues has surfaced in Australia in a senior post. She is one of the 'progressive gang and must be constantly monitored.

    1. mawm - check this out

    2. That is shocking. Every one of those members of the Council should end up in gaol, but we know they won't. Forget the long bows, it's time for the pitchforks.

    3. It wasn't just the council, the cover up involved the police, school teachers and care home managers.

      Be on your guard they are on their way down under, Oz and New Zealand are in their crosshairs.

      Here's another one