Monday, October 28, 2013

Islam In England - Watching The Abuse Of A Much Loved Friend

To say that the English people are being taken for granted by an unscrupulous gang of ruthless politicians would be an understatement.   Listening to the words and watching the actions of the weasels that claim to represent the English people, is an unedifying experience that taints Parliament and insults the very concept of representative democracy. 

It should not be a challenge to anyone's intellect to work out that England is being fundamentally transformed with the connivance of the political class and without the consent of the English people. They have been continuously lied to about the nature and intent of the open border mass immigration policy and they are now paying the price of this duplicity in blood and treasure.

If one gives it a moments thought,  multi-culturalism has got to mean the surrender of traditional English customs,  practices and values;  it must also mean the adoption of practices,  customs and values that are so alien they actually turn the stomach of anyone possessing an iota of decency.

As an unashamed Anglophile who spent many years living and working in England,  I believe I am right when I state that if there is one characteristic that epitomizes the majority of the English people it is their fundamental decency.  They also have a sense of fair play and an inherent desire to play by the rules and obey the law.

Like England itself,  this may have altered somewhat with the expansion of welfare 'entitlements' and the 'free stuff for all' industry,  but the underlying decency among the majority English people remains.

It is this fundamental decency that the political class has used to push through its 'progressive' agenda of ethnically cleansing English culture,  better known by the global 'progressive' elite as
de-homogenizing.  They are, in effect, abusing the English people for their own perverted ends and this is unforgivable.

Some of the cultural practices that the English people have been forced to adopt under threat of smear, demonization and ultimately prosecution, range from harmless curiosities such as Holi and Diwali, to the downright revolting and barbaric such as female genital mutilation,  paedophilia and spousal murder in the name of 'honour'.

Until the advent of government forced multi-culturalism,  most ethnic minorities had a tendency to group together for mutual support, which is understandable;  they went about their business unhindered and uncomplaining.  Generations later, many of their children have adapted, integrated and make a valuable contribution to British life.

That all changed with open border mass immigration, especially of the third world Muslim community.  This wave brought with them their religious obligation to subjugate all other cultures and religions under the threat of bloodcurdling violence.

They also brought with them customs and practices that would not be acceptable in any semi-civilized society let alone a country as civilised as England.

The English people are being forced to accept practices that would have been considered barbaric (not to mention illegal) a decade or so ago.  These practices are now familiar as household words and accepted by the authorities if not by the people.

The initials CSE are a classic example.  The grooming of underage white girls for sexual slavery and abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs was tolerated by the authorities,  including the police.  Even today when the authorities are forced to act they refuse to call it what it is:  Muslim paedophile gangs grooming underage white girls for sexual abuse is referred to by the initials CSE.  This stands for Child Sexual Exploitation because the true terminology is considered to be culturally insensitive.

It is obviously of no concern to the same authorities that the whole issue of Muslim paedophile gangs is not just highly sensitive to every decent English person,  it is an insult to the very core of English culture.

The English people are being conditioned by force to accept spousal abuse, facial mutilation and murder, as quaint cultural practices.

The status and systematic abuse of women would not have been tolerated by the women's liberation movement a decade or so ago.  They burned their bra's in protest at their status, so why are they not burning the burkas today,  in an act of sisterly solidarity?

Inciting violence or stirring up hatred, be it racial or otherwise, is supposedly against the law.  Threatening to behead anyone who does not accept Allah and his prophet obviously doesn't count.

The English (and the British as a whole in this case) are a nation of animal lovers and have standards for the butchering of meat. These are studiously ignored in the case of halal where animals have their throats slit without pre-stunning.

The political class and their useful idiots around the country are so flushed with success that even the most outrageous demands of the Muslim community are being treated as normal and spared no expense.

It came as news to many that there is a requirement for Muslims to shave their pubic hair or face going to Hell.  That shouldn't be a problem with the availability of cheap razors so why it should cost the taxpayer almost $500k?  In modern, transformed, multi-cultural England shaving ones private parts is now a public issue.

An unfortunate Muslim lady with special needs, who was in the care of the local authority, was to be released to the family who demanded that her pubic hair be shaved.  The local authority objected because the lady was not in a fit mental state to consent and a court case ensued.

Why the family didn't accept her and get out the Gillette and shaving soap at home is not explained, but the taxpayer was forced to pay $500k over a cultural practice that should have been left in the desert.

Out of curiosity, the pubic hair requirement for Muslims can be found here and here.  When it comes to pubic hair, Allah knows best apparently.

Despite the incompatibility of cultures, the violent Sharia controlled ghettos and the objections of the English people, the political class are showing no inclination to stop the de-homogenization agenda. It would appear they have set the course at the behest of the global elite and are determined that within a few more generations the England of old will be gone for ever.

The obvious question for the reader is why is England being singled out for attention rather than Great Britain as a whole?

The other nations that make up the United Kingdom are numerically small and consequently enjoy non English privileged minority status in their own right. They are already in the 'progressive' bag so to speak.

The negative effects of open border mass immigration are only apparent in the larger population centres such as Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast.  The more rural areas of these countries remain relatively untouched by multi-culturalism.

England is by far the biggest influence on the Anglosphere and therefore it has attracted the attention of the global 'progressive' elite and their de-homogenization agenda.

(Due to time constraints, this is a repost from October last year)

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