Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Death And Taxes - Fighting Breaks Out In The Great British Asylum

"laughter is the best medicine",  according to modern psychology,  is not just an oft repeated old wives tale, it does actually have benefits conducive to good health.  It is also true that Victorian ladies in London would often visit Bedlam, the infamous asylum, to spend a relaxing afternoon laughing at the antics of the unfortunate inmates.

For those people suffering from stress or any form of depression, it is good idea to tune into the weekly Prime Ministers Question time and watch the antics of the lunatics who have taken over the asylum in Great Britain. These lunatics are not only involved in culling badgers in order to prevent Bovine TB, they are also engaged in culling vulnerable people through exposure and hypothermia.

Watching these adolescent loonies trying to pretend they know what they are doing in reference to an energy crisis of their own making, is hilarious although shamefully sad.  This isolated, wealthy elite are so out of touch and incompetent that they have no idea how the crisis unfolded, and sadly they have no idea how to fix it other than their standard response to everything, i.e  tax it.

Besides telling vulnerable people to wear warm clothes in cold weather, they have no other solution other than taxation; the long suffering British people should not expect anything else from these adolescents, they are career politicians straight out of school, it's the only thing they know.

The intervention of the former Prime Minister, John Major, not only ramps up the laughter factor to side splitting levels,  it also demonstrates the total absence of ideas from the current school kids in charge.

Those familiar with John  Major will remember him as the grey man of British politics, and a serially uninspiring empty suit, who infamously described his government colleagues as 'those bastards" because they wouldn't let him take Britain into the Euro.  Looking at the Euro disaster today it's just as well they did but I digress.

His reputation was somewhat altered when it was revealed that he had been cheating on his loyal wife Norma with the government's most odious loudmouth, Edwina Curry.  The nation was reduced to helpless laughter with the knowledge that such a boring nonentity would be indulging in such sexual shenanigans, especially with an old battle axe like Curry.

The hilarity returned yesterday when Major crawled out from under his rock and joined forces with Labour leader, Red Ed Miliband, to demand a windfall tax on the energy companies to help lower bills.  In good old Marxist fashion, Red Ed also wants the government to freeze energy bills by law.

In response, Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron used all his worldly experience ( 4 years as a PR executive for a now defunct TV company) to suggest rolling back green taxes, which he himself is committed to.

These two giants of the political world squared up to each other in the House of Commons and cut loose, Red Ed accused Cameron of being 'weak' and Cameron accused Red Ed of being 'a conman'; this was too much for the Speaker of the House who rebuked Cameron for use of un-Parliamentary language.

With the well being and lives of thousands of vulnerable people at stake this was the best they could muster.  No Thrilla in Manila or Rumble in the Jungle, no blood and snot up the walls,  just the accusations that Cameron is 'weak' and Red Ed is a 'conman'.

Impose a windfall tax or cut green taxes was all they had to offer to those about to suffer hypothermia and death.  It's so pathetic there's nothing else left to do but laugh.

As always, the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats from the European Union have a malign influence also.  They will not permit the government of Great Britain to act in the interests of its people and cut Value Added Tax (VAT) on energy.  These callous power hungry zealots have no compassion whatsoever for the vulnerable people who will suffer and die from cold this winter.

These foreigners will take perverted delight in the suffering of the British people; if they had an ounce of compassion they would allow a cut in VAT for the winter period at least.

Watching this nonsense gives one some idea of what made those Victorian ladies chuckle during their afternoon visits to Bedlam.

The other villains of the scandal are the big 6 energy companies;  the short sighted politicians sold off  the energy sector to these foreign buyers without a thought for the well being of the British public or the National security implications.

Allowing Britain's energy supplies to fall into the hands of the country's historic enemies is irresponsible to say the least; but allowing them to fall into the hands of a bankrupt country such as Spain who is so desperate for foreign currency, is utter lunacy.

The well being of the British people is of no concern to these foreign owners whereas profits and personal bonuses will be their number one priority.  The British people are a captive market to be exploited and who do not have a government with the backbone to look after their interests.

The juvenile incompetents in government are still pandering to the now discredited 'Global Warming' scammers with their green taxes and windmill subsidies.  Anyone smart enough to tie their own shoe laces will know that if Great Britain cut its 'carbon emissions' by 100% it will not cool the planet one iota nor save a single polar bear from sunstroke.

For the benefit of the immature career technocrats and PR men that masquerade as a government, here is the whole tragedy of the disastrous British energy market summed up in as few words as possible to make it easier for them to understand.

The energy market should have not been allowed to fall into the hands of malign people who still harbor a historical animosity toward the British people.  They will always put profit before the well being of the people.

No section of the energy market should have been allowed to fall into the hands of a bankrupt country such as Spain, who's desperate need for foreign currency far outweighs their concern for the well being of the British people.

The whole of the political class should accept what the informed world has already accepted, the planet is not burning up as was claimed nor will it burn up any time well into the distant future. They have to accept that the entire 'combating climate change' industry is a scam which is only lining the pockets of the corrupt and the unscrupulous.

The solutions to the British energy problems are simple but are probably far beyond the capabilities of the career technocrats that infest Westminster, so when the laughing has died down the following actions will save lives now and in the future:

Green taxes and windmill subsidies must cease immediately and the idiotic Ministry for Climate Change must be abolished forthwith.

The politicians should rediscover their spines and tell the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels to Foxtrot Oscar and cut VAT on fuel and fuel bills.

The closure of traditional power stations dictated by the Eurocrats is to be halted, those recently closed such as Didcot are to be recommissioned immediately.

Fuel duty on home heating oil and gas must be reduced or better still abolished.

Great Britain has been blessed with abundant supplies of cheap energy in the form of oil, natural gas, shale gas, coal and in some areas hydro generation; these resources must be exploited to the maximum and with all possible haste.

This process can be expedited by replacing the Ministry for Climate Change with a Ministry for Resource Exploitation. This will be manned by experts from the mining and energy fields as opposed to agenda driven political cronies or career bureaucrats.

If this leaves a hole in the government's budget then that is an easy fix also but most likely beyond the imagination of the current crop of non entities.

Cut out waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers money, of which there are billions and they know it.

Put a moratorium in place on foreign aid.

Put a similar moratorium in place on open border mass immigration.

Welfare benefits should only be paid to born and bred citizens or to those who have paid in for ten years or more.

Likewise with the NHS.

The 30,000 or more foreign criminals in British prisons or those released into the community must be deported.

The 1,000,000 or more illegal immigrants should be regularized or deported, in the meantime no welfare benefits.

Due to the long history of incompetent management, late deliveries and budget overruns, the High Speed Railway project should be cancelled together with all other big government run capital projects.

Due to incompetence, spiraling costs and the high rate of death, the NHS should be privatized forthwith.

This is just a start but not difficult for any politician with a spine and the will to do what's right for the  British people.......after they've stopped laughing at the clowns in Parliament of course.


  1. If they did scrap the VAT on energy bills, all the suppliers would do is hike up their prices to the old cost including VAT. Some might wait a few weeks, and do it in a couple of stages, but rest assured the end user price would soon be back to where it was.
    When Maggie introduced tax relief for over 60s for private healthcare premiums all the suppliers hiked their prices accordingly. Even the so-called (not for profit) Friendly Societies. There were no exceptions that I can think of. I was involved in that business at the time and remember it well.

  2. If that's case it looks like we can never win. It would appear that our only option is pitchforks, torches, lamp posts and piano wire.

  3. Cameron seems to support .........
    Ghettoisation? violence, gang rape, insurance fraud and welfare dependancy

    And to me, there are really 3 things that matter at an event like tonight. Because the reason we celebrate Eid here in Downing Street – the reason we also celebrate Diwali, we celebrate Hanukkah, we celebrate Easter – we celebrate these great festivals because of course we want to say what a fantastic contribution Muslims make to our country. Of course we want to celebrate everything that the Muslim community here in Britain is and does.

    1. I wonder if the survivors and the victims families of the 7/7 atrocities are celebrating what the Muslim community is and does. I suspect the under age girls who were groomed and sexually abused aren't celebrating either.

      I in fact the innocent victims of Muslim violence around the world won't be doing much celebrating on Eid or any other festival.

      By celebrating all these alien festivals Cameron is trying to give the impression that Great Britain is a peaceful, multi-cultural society where all ethnic groups live in harmony with each other. As we all know it's no such thing.

      He is also burnishing his multi-cultural credentials in preparation for a global role after his ejection from office.

  4. Insult after injury:


    1. This is not the first time pensioners are being blamed for the shortcomings of politicians. Bed blockers and coffin dodgers are two insults that spring to mind.

      It won't be long before the start commandeering houses from the elderly to house their clients.

    Anyone watch Question Time last night? I'm sure I heard LibDem Tim Farron describe immigration as a "BLESSING". Do I need my hearing checked out?

    1. Tim Fallon is a British loathing European Union fanatic. This guy has got Vichy written all over him. He would hand the British people over to the EU bureaucrats in a heartbeat.

      It won't be the first time he has described immigration as a blessing.

      The next time he is given air time on the BBC, he needs to asked if the under age girls who were sexually abused by Muslim peadophile gangs think it's a blessing. Or maybe ask the survivors of the 7/7 atrocities ,and the victims' families, if it's a blessing.

      He and his family should be made to live in one of the violent, crime infested, mono-cultural ghettos he has created so that he can enjoy blessings he has bestowed on others.

      The people of his constituency who elected this appalling Quisling should be ashamed of themselves and make sure they kick him out at the earliest possible opportunity.

      Wake up Westmorland, this creature is following his own agenda and does not have your interests or those of your family at heart.