Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stephen Lawrence Celebrity Murder Victim - Richard Everitt, Who's He?

There can be no doubt that London, the capital city of history's greatest nation, is not the peaceful, tourist friendly destination that is portrayed in the glossy brochures. It is also not the multi-cultural nirvana that is portrayed by the agenda driven political elite, where diverse ethnic minorities co-exist in harmony, respecting each others religion, cultures and way of life.

The real London of mono-cultural, violent, crime ridden ghettos, where ethnic gangs defend their home turf, is not existing unseen below the surface; it is there in all its ugliness for all to see if one makes the unfortunate mistake of wandering off the tourist track.

Some areas in the heart of Great Britain's capital city are now so violent they are treated as 'no go' areas for the politicised police 'service' and some are virtually separate sovereign states operating under Sharia law.

This appalling situation didn't come about by accident, it didn't just materialize out of thin air; the truth is that this is the direct result of a deliberate policy of cultural replacement, embarked upon by the British political establishment at the behest of a United Nations who are committed to a world 'progressive' government.

At this point I must briefly digress just for the record. The core action of this transformation has been christened 'de-homogenization' by the elite and is only applicable to the white Anglosphere. It has already been applied in Zimbabwe and South African, with disastrous results; it is currently being applied with vigour in Great Britain, the USA and Canada. From what I understand Australia and New Zealand have attracted the attention of the 'progressives' and are undergoing a fundamental  transformation also.

As mentioned previously, 'de-homoginisation' is intended for the white Anglosphere only and is not being applied in the Middle East (except Israel), Arabia, Africa, Asia, Japan, North and South Korea or China.

If evidence is needed of a coordinated and concerted effort to 'de-homogenise' Great Britain, one only has to look at the tragic murders of Stephen Lawrence and Richard Everitt on the streets of London, then study the reaction of the establishment to both cases.

If the death Stephen Lawrence is ranked as the most high profile murder in British history then the murder of Richard Everitt must be ranked as the most anonymous.

Both were young men murdered on the streets of London, both crimes were classed as racist murders; one received endless media coverage and newspaper campaigns, the other was dispatched with indecent haste into obscurity. One victim attracted the attention of the unscrupulous political class who cynically used it to burnish their multi-cultural credentials the other, shamefully, did not.

It should come as no surprise that one victim was black, Stephen Lawrence, and was killed by a white gang and the other,  Richard Everitt,  was white and killed by a Bangladeshi gang.

The attitude of the establishment and the media towards Richard Everitt and his bereaved family is a total disgrace and unfortunately for the family, Richard's tragic death was of no use to the establishment in their pursuit of their 'de-homogenising' agenda.

The police force at the time were accused of not pursuing the investigation into Stephen's murder aggressively because of racial animosity toward black people but how does that explain the blatant leniency shown by the police during the investigation of Richard's murder?

The suspects in the Stephen Lawrence murder were pursued endlessly by the establishment and the media and this continued after they were tried and found not guilty. These suspects are still being pursued over twenty years after the crime.

Unbelievably, the suspects in the Richard Everitt murder were given bail which allowed several of them to abscond back to Bangladesh and escape justice. One suspect was given a sentence for assault and another was convicted of manslaughter and given twelve years; this is about as soft as it gets for such a heinous crime.

In an exhibition of undeserved leniency,  the murderer was allowed out of prison on unsupervised leave within weeks of his incarceration supposedly to attend a wedding. The feelings of Richard's family were obviously not taken into account,  however the feelings of the Stephen Lawrence family are hardly out of the news two decades later.

One would have thought that the local Member of Parliament would have taken up the fight for justice on behalf of Richard's family but it must be remembered that he happens to be a Labour Member and thus he is a fully paid up useful idiot of the 'de-homogenizing' class.

The silence of Frank Dobson MP is an utter disgrace and totally unbecoming of a human being let alone a representative of the people.

The family of Richard Everitt, and the British people at large, deserve an explanation from the government, and Frank Dobson MP in particular,  as to why the tragic deaths of Stephen Lawrence and Richard Everitt were treated so differently by the political establishment, the media and the BBC?

Read this and weep

Both of these tragic murders not only give an indication of the level of violence being perpetrated by different ethnic groups on each other,  but more importantly, the depths to which London has sunk as a capital city.

If the capital city continues this descent into savagery, it won't be much longer before some areas will be comparable with Bogota or Mogadishu.

This shameful tragedy is going on under the noses of the political establishment who are ensconced not a stones throw from the crime scenes and the ghettos they have created.

The fact they are not taking any action to dismantle the mono-cultural ghettos and prevent the formation of new ones;  the fact that they are refusing to deal with crimes committed by ethnic minorities on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivies';  and the fact that they refuse to put an end to open border mass immigration, is proof beyond doubt that they are indulging in 'de-homogenisation' of the indigenous British community.

I live in hope that one day justice will be done and the treacherous political class will be made to answer for their crimes against the British people and be punished accordingly.

Post Script: American readers will see a similarity with the high profile case of Trayvon Martin, the wannabe gangsta who was killed in self defence by a Hispanic neighbourhood watch captain.

This case was ruthlessly exploited by the Obama administration and the 'de-homogenisers' in the USA as an example of senseless white on black racial murder. All the cases of black on white senseless murders were studiously ignored.

Ted Nugent gives his view.

Thanks to the Anonymous commentator for the information on the late Richard Everitt.


  1. There are probably dozens of Richard Everitts, Kris Donald and Charlene Downes to name but two. Hardly get a mention. Not unlike Maddie McCann. During the time she has gone missing many kids have also vanished, I expect, but the MSM seem obsessed about her. Is it because her parents are middle class? Is it because she was/is a cute blonde girl? I cannot figure it out..

    1. When black on white crime, including murder, is ignored by the politicians and their media whores is because they don't want the world to know the truth about the failure of multi-culturalism.

      The image they are creating about tolerance, peaceful co-existence and 'strength in diversity' is blown out of the water by black on white crime.

      There is something very strange about the Maddie McCann case, which I can't figure out either. It looks like there's a cover up of some sort going on there too.

  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/10396170/Taxpayers-foot-350k-legal-bill-for-Muslim-pubic-hair-battle.html
    Nice way to spend the taxpayers money.

    1. This is about as bad as it gets. They really are taking the piss.