Friday, October 11, 2013

Former 'Great' Britain Now A Third World Country - India Is The Future

The descent of Great Britain from one of the greatest superpowers in history into a third world shambles has been as spectacular as the rise of India in the opposite direction. If this seems like an exaggeration then a cursory look at the facts should put the minds of any doubters at rest.

I've had the privilege of visiting and working in India several times during my expatriate career so I have witnessed this remarkable transformation first hand. I have also witnessed first hand the willful destruction of my own country at the hands of a self serving political class who usurped political power in order to implement a global 'progressive' agenda on behalf of an anonymous elite.

In 1979 myself and three others purchased an Indrail pass for fifty US dollars each, this gave us unlimited travel on the extensive Indian railway system for a month or so. It allowed us an opportunity to experience a lot of India first hand; cities, towns and villages were all on the itinerary with the objective of seeing as much as possible and meeting as many people as time allowed.

I won't go into it here only to say that the culture shock was huge and the poverty worse than I had ever imagined. My second visit was a two month assignment to Bombay in 1986.  Signs of change were already evident and there appeared to be a certain unexplainable confidence developing which I had missed on my previous visit.

My third visit was a week long assignment in New Delhi which only allowed a cursory mingling with the locals and a trip around the tourist trails of Old and New Delhi.

My final visit was a four year assignment starting in 2002;  based in New Delhi I took care of all the company businesses across India and Bangladesh. This assignment came as big a shock as my first one in 1979; poverty was still extensive but much reduced, it appeared to be on the fringes of the modern towns and industrial areas which were as prosperous as anywhere in the developed world.

The pace of change was stunning; even in my four years there were new highways and subway systems built in New Delhi;  the modern satellite city of Gurgaon was expanding at great pace and included golf courses, country clubs and ultra modern shopping malls.

The biggest change was in the people; they were mainly young, educated, talented and highly motivated, they were also ambitious and had a confidence born of optimism for the future. Indian institutions were still rife with corruption particularly in political life and this was holding the country back; I formed the impression that when the people take control and clean this up, India will take its place in history as a superpower.

Reading about the launch of India's first home built aircraft carrier and its extensive military capabilities, including intercontinental nuclear capability, came as no surprise but adding to that their space program and their economic advances, it inevitably leads to comparisons with their former colonial masters.

'Great' Britain has gone in the opposite direction of India with a downtrodden population robbed of their heritage and with little confidence in the future. The people are crippled with a fear of political correctness, their towns and cities are being transformed into multi-cultural crime ridden ghettos and their standard of living is dropping faster than their house prices.

'Great' Britain and it's unique culture is being deliberately dismantled and the country downgraded in the cause of equality of nations and cultural relativity.

Apart from being a nuclear power, India has a functioning space programme, something 'Great' Britain gave up on during the socialist disaster of the Harold Wilson years.

India's economy is booming while 'Great' Britain's economy is continually in the doldrums; it is hamstrung by over regulation, taxation and political interference by agenda driven politicians. While India is looking at growth rates of between 5 and 8%, the British Chancellor is trying to spin a growth rate of 1.5% as a monumental success.

'Britannia Rules The Waves' no more; known as the senior service of the British military, the Royal Navy is a laughing stock with almost as many Admirals and Rear Admirals as they have ships. What kind of genius spends billions on a new aircraft carrier that doesn't have any aircraft?

'Great' Britain's once feared military has been hung, drawn and quartered by successive governments in search of ever more money to spend on social programs for their various voting bases.

The military strength of India is now greater than that of 'Great' Britain, whose capabilities are now only slightly better than bankrupt Italy.

Despite overtaking 'Great' Britain,  joining the developed world and having more billionaires, in an act of unexplainable delusion, the British government continues to give development aid to India. 

The explanation that the long suffering taxpayers have been given by their ever so trendy, 'progressive' Prime Minister is that David Cameron "firmly believes that the British people shouldn't become prosperous on the backs of the world's poor".

The Department of International Development has been forced, very reluctantly, to reconsider taxpayer handouts to India after their Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, told them that India doesn't need then and doesn't want them. The fact that India has a development aid programme of its own didn't seem to register with the spendaholics at Westminster.

The descent of 'Great' Britain into third world status can be laid at the door of the self serving  political class and the brain dead idiots who continue to put them into power.

In direct contradiction to the British people, the Indian people are allowed by their government to be family orientated, patriotic, proud of their heritage, proud of their culture, proud to be Indian and they are not ashamed of who they are.

The Indian people are busy getting educated and working hard in order to join the burgeoning middle class. They are not obsessing about gay marriage, sexuality, multi-culturalism, diversity, equality and fairness, political correctness or any of the other 'progressive' nonsense that is being forced down the throats of the British people.

If the British people want to reverse the decline and have a prosperous future like our Indian brothers and sisters, then they must throw out the political charlatans that are responsible for their destruction and they must do it at the earliest possible opportunity otherwise it will be too late.


  1. When Pakistan was formed the Indians should have done a better job of booting out the muslims. They should start again and finish what they started

    1. From what I saw, apart from some historical incidents, all the diverse groups got along very well. The Muslim community set itself apart, maybe it's because they believe everyone is an infidel and therefore inferior.

      Why they didn't leave for Pakistan after partition is a mystery.

  2. I wonder if India might return the favour and start giving us overseas aid?

    1. Maybe they could use their space program to send Cameron and Co. into orbit. Do us all a favour.

  3. The irony is the reason we are failing is because we have developed into an Indian style parasitiv economy.High levels of corruption and crime, instability in the workplace and pc enforcement that tells us how and what we can say. The Indians continue to be extremely corrupt..but use it to siphon wealth from the West. We need to re-evaluate many pc structures...but I fear all will be lost before our politicians wake up to reality.

    1. I can't disagree with what you have written. Rigidly enforced political correctness, Cultural Marxism to give it it's proper name, is the weapon of choice for bringing about the demise of our culture and civilization.

      I will add that the chances of our politicians waking up to reality are zero

  4. If Italy is bankrupt like this page implies! Then Britain must be at the bottom of all the bankrupt countries in the world.

    1. The sad fact is that Great Britain is No 4 most indebted country behind the USA, Ireland and the Netherlands with a debt/GDP ratio of 409%.

      The government is still borrowing over 110 billion per year and the national debt has past 1.2 trillion pounds.

      I don't mean to be so depressing but Blair/Brown/Cameron and Osbourne have got a lot to answer for.

  5. Who will save us though? Where is the force that help to free us from this marxist tyranny ?
    You go to Islington and they actively support this rubbish. At least in W1 /SW3 they are what they are, pity they dont care about the rest -the vast, vast majority.

    1. I don't know who will save us. People could use their vote in the coming election to get rid of all the incumbents but they usually vote on a tribal basis.

      As far as I can see this is going to end in tears.

  6. I'm an American of Indian heritage and found your article very interesting. I also love many classic English things such as English literature (Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Thackery, Maugham, Wodehouse, Shakespeare... plus of course Sherlock Holmes!), philosophy (John Stuart Mill, John Locke), the great scientists and inventors, and of course so many cool customs and traditions like tea time, etc. Of course I am not so fond of the black marks on British history such as the conquest of India, the slave trade, the Opium Wars, the subjugation of Africa... however, Great Britain was the first country, I think, to make slavery illegal and India has benefited from things like having English forced upon her, etc.

    At any rate, I enjoyed your article and I hope that India does continue to advance but I also hope that England, America, Italy, etc., also see a turn towards optimism and away from the stupid modern emphasis on PC and all of that garbage.