Monday, October 21, 2013

British Energy Crisis - Hypothermia Deaths Forecast To Increase This Winter

" This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time". -  Aneurin (Nye) Bevan speech in 1945

They say history repeats itself.  In the case of the British government and the ruling political elite, this is demonstratively true.

The latest increase in fuel bills, ranging from 8 to 12%,  which comes on top of the inflation busting rises in previous years, is going to push more people into fuel poverty than ever before.  It is not an exaggeration to say that tens of thousands of vulnerable people, mainly the young and pensioners, will suffer from hypothermia this winter, hundreds of whom will die.

Hypothermia deaths have doubled in the last five years as fuel bills have been artificially inflated to pay for windmills and solar panels, which everyone with any sense knows, will not replace traditional sources of energy.

This horrific statistic won't bother the adolescent 'progressive' ideologues that dominate the government as they pursue their juvenile 'combating climate change' agenda, while sacrificing the lives of others.

All three of the legacy party leaders are identical; it's as if they were all cloned from the same flawed gene pool.  Cameron for the Conservatives, Clegg for the Liberal Democrats and Red Ed Miliband for the socialist Labour Party, share identical views on most things, especially energy policy.

For the record, they are all wealthy elitists who have had little if any contact with people in the real world.  None of them, including the people they surround themselves with, have ever had a job that the majority would consider as work.  They are career technocrats who went into party politics straight from school.

High energy bills and hypothermia will not be an issue for these isolated ideologues or their families. Multi-millionaire Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested that the freezing masses wear a woolen jumper to ward off cold this winter.

With a thirty million pound fortune in the bank, he'll be OK in both his London residence and his taxpayer funded residence in the country.  It is highly likely that the other two shysters, Clegg and Red Ed, won't be joining the masses by turning down the thermostat and donning woollies this winter.

Mr. Paul Massara,  CEO of energy company Npower, has told British consumers to stop using energy if they want to save money.  This out of touch, callous moron blames his exorbitant increase in energy bills on the cost of delivery and high prices in the marketplace.

If the British political class governed in the interests of the people they are paid to represent, they would exploit the resources under their feet, then idiots like Massara can seek their multi-million pound bonuses elsewhere.

It must be noted that without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable,  'de-carbonising' targets way in excess of the legal requirements agreed by the global 'combating climate change' scammers, were signed into law by Red Ed Miliband when he was the Minister for Energy and Climate Change.  This has resulted in green taxes being added to the already sky high energy bills.

This is the same Marxist devotee who is supposed to be the champion of the poor, the downtrodden and the victims of heartless conservatives.

Energy bills will also be inflated for the next 35 years to pay for a planned nuclear power station which will be built by a French company, the British being incapable of building it themselves.

When the 16 billion cost of this power station is added to the 17 billion for a High Speed Rail link that nobody wants, which in turn is added to the 12 billion wasted on the failed NHS computer system, and the 14 billion in overseas aid plus the yearly 21 billion to the EU bureaucrats etc.etc. then it looks like the British are going to be skint for a very, very long time.

In an attempt to convince the people that they do actually spare a thought for the freezing elderly, the generous political class pays a winter fuel allowance if Arctic temperatures persist for a set period of time.  Not to be discriminatory, it is a universal benefit payable to all pensioners, regardless of wealth and circumstances.

Millionaires and billionaires are 'entitled' to this taxpayer funded allowance and at this time, it is not known whether Sir Richard Branson will be accepting his 'entitlement' when he deserts Great Britain to live on his private Caribbean island.

To demonstrate the utter incompetence of this out of touch political class, one only needs to return to Nye Bevan's quote from 68 years ago.

Despite the destruction of the British fishing industry, fish stocks around British coastal waters have collapsed due to overfishing.  This is the result of the complex rules emanating from the European Union bureaucrats.  Tens of thousands of tons of fish are thrown back into the sea to die because of the insanely complex EU rules on by-catch.

The disastrous Common Fisheries Policy is the result of successive governments surrendering sovereignty over British territorial waters for their own personal gain.

It goes without saying that Great Britain is an island made of coal; my own residence sits atop a century or more of reserves consisting of high quality anthracite and steam coals.  This gift from nature is not being exploited because the school kids that are running the government are either naive enough to believe that if we do, the world will overcook or they just love the sight of windmills and solar panels.

The truth is that, despite the overwhelming evidence that the 'combating climate change' industry is a scam, they are unable to act because, like the fishing industry, they have surrendered sovereignty over the energy sector to the EU bureaucrats and the UN global government.

These faceless, unaccountable, foreign bureaucrats have decreed that Great Britain must close its coal/gas/oil fired power stations by 2015 and the British political establishment have meekly agreed regardless of the deaths that will result.

The sane world in it's entirety will agree that windmills and solar panels will not replace traditional forms of energy in the short or long term. Therefore, while we sit atop abundant reserves of energy, if the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, the vulnerable can't boil a kettle for a cup of tea let alone stay warm.  Maybe the government can go grovelling to their bosses in the EU and beg for a woolen jumper subsidy.

Great Britain has been blessed with abundant sources of cheap energy which will last for a century at the very least.  This includes, oil, coal and shale gas; which, if properly managed and exploited, will result in energy independence, economic revival, a boost to industry, an increase in jobs and more importantly of all, no need for anyone to die through lack of heating.


  1. Surely global warming will save us?

    1. That's the irony that the scammers don't get, if they are right about Man Made Global Warming, then the more traditional fuel we use, the warmer the climate gets, the less fuel is required.


  2. Lets hope that Camerons remark about wearing a woolen jumper becomes remembered as his "let them eat cake" moment.

    1. I hope you are right Andy, there are also the other Cameron classics that have been credited to him whether he said them or not:

      "I am the most Eurosceptic Tory leader ever"

      "The British people have a cast iron guarantee"

      "Hug a hoody"

      "I'm a straight kinda guy". Oops, that was his mentor, Phony Tony Blair.

  3. To be fair to Cameron, about the only sensible thing he's said is "put a woolly jumper on when it gets cold".
    Makes a lot more sense than "I want to export gay marriage around the world"

    1. I'd love to see him trying to export gay marriage to the Third World, where cultural Marxism hasn't quite been discovered. Good luck with that one, Dave.

    2. Cameron has become an embarrassment among the ordinary people of the world. He's turning the British people into a laughing stock.

      His standing among the 'progressive' global political elite, however, couldn't be higher. The boy is going to go far when his Parliamentary career is over.

      Antarctica won't be far enough in my opinion.


  4. Are you aware of the following ?

    The British Government provides the following financial assistance:-


    (bearing in mind they worked hard and paid their Income Tax and

    National Insurance contributions to the British Government all their

    working life)

    Weekly allowance: £106.00?


    (No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever)

    Weekly allowance: £250.00


    Weekly Spouse Allowance: £25.00?


    Weekly Spouse Allowance: £225.00


    Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00?


    Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00

    A British old age pensioner is no less hard up than an illegal

    immigrant/refugee yet receives nothing





    Please read all and then forward to all your contacts so that we can

    lobby for a decent state pension.

    After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the

    growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.

    Sad isn't it? Surely it's about time we put our own people first.

    Please have the guts to forward this.


    1. Put an article together and I'll put it on my Facebook page.

  5. Probably need to verify the figures first. It's just an email "doing the rounds"

    1. There is little doubt that there are British pensioners who are worse off than immigrants, legal and illegal. It's a scandal which politicians are getting away with.

      Politicians really are a treacherous, traitorous bunch of Quislings that should answer for what they have done.