Monday, October 14, 2013

Red Cross Food Aid To Starving British People - Ramping Up The Propaganda

My last post about 'Great' Britain being reduced to third world status was more than a little tongue in cheek, I didn't think for a moment it would attract the attention of the government and the Red Cross.

News that the Red Cross is starting a food aid program to prevent starvation among the people of Great Britain, once the world's greatest superpower, is either an indication of the wretched state to which the country has descended or it is an exercise in black propaganda for political ends.

It is without doubt that 'Great' Britain has all the attributes of a Third World country due to the deliberate actions of a traitorous political class but has it sunk so low that it needs the intervention of the Red Cross to ward off starvation?

Looking at the home page of the Red Cross this morning, food aid to 'Great' Britain was shared on the front page with relief from a cyclone in India and food aid to refugees from the Syrian civil war.  Starvation in places like Ethiopia, Darfur, Northern Kenya, Somalia, Bangladesh etc. were obviously not severe enough to knock the starving British off their front page.

As a professional expatriate who spent decades living and working in the developing world, I can state without fear of contradiction, that the scenes of poverty that I witnessed in places like Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan et al. are not repeated anywhere in Great Britain, not even in the poorest towns or villages.

Eradicating perceived inequality, especially income inequality, is the central core of the Marxist agenda being imposed by the multi-millionaires of the communist/socialist/progressive community.

This agenda has to be accompanied by a propaganda campaign in order to fix in minds of the subject people that cuts in government spending and balancing the budget produces poverty and hunger of African proportions.

It is beyond shameful that an internationally respected organization such as the Red Cross allows itself to be used by unscrupulous politicians as a vehicle of dishonest black propaganda.

To suggest that there are not people struggling to make ends meet in 'Great' Britain would be indulging in the same deceit as the politicians using the Red Cross but it must be remembered that Britain has one of the most comprehensive welfare systems on the entire planet.  In addition to free health care, free education, free or subsidized housing etc. people also get cash in hand from the taxpayer to spend on whatever they want, including food.

There are currently six hundred thousand (600,000) economically inactive immigrants from the European Union alone living on benefits in 'Great' Britain.  People from all corners of the planet are risking life and limb to enter the country and climb aboard the welfare gravy train.  For the Red Cross to be making comparisons with Africa is laughable as well as despicable.

The facts are simple if one cares to look and analyse for oneself without relying on the BBC or The Guardian for information.

It must be remembered that the communist/socialist/progressive community need poverty to justify their very existence.  Without poverty they have no victims to champion and therefore no means of making a lucrative living themselves.

The communist/socialist/progressive community worship poverty like a Muslim jihadi worships death.  They love it, they swim in it; it is their element.  Where there is no poverty they will create it, either in reality or in perception.

It must be remembered that the last Labour government deliberately created poverty by increasing taxes, including council taxes by one hundred percent, they deliberately destroyed the private sector pension schemes, they devalued state pensions and savings.  They presided over substantial increases in transportation costs, food and above all, energy.

People who were previously comfortably off found themselves in fuel poverty by deliberately inflated energy prices; energy prices that were increased by the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Red Ed Miliband, a multi-millionaire Marxist from North London whose mansion has a bigger carbon footprint than a street full of council houses.

Creating visions of Dickensian poverty in a country where the vast majority are not even remotely close to starving has been standard tactic of the communist/socialist/progressive community and their useful idiots, but by reason of its own outlandish stupidity, their propaganda has become ineffective.

So from Charles Dickens and a country populated by millions of Oliver Twists and Tiny Tim's they have moved on to creating visions of starving Africa on the streets of 'Great' Britain and what better way is there to drive this home than to recruit the Red Cross.

It can be no coincidence that the Chairman of the Red Cross is Sir Charles Allen who is also Executive Chairman of the Labour Party, appointed by none other than Red Ed Miliband himself.

Gallant Knight of the Realm Sir Charles is also Chairman of 2 Sisters Food Group a multi-billion pound food empire which encompasses everything from chickens to pizzas to the humble sandwich.

In order to alleviate poverty and prevent starvation in 'Great' Britain and therefore release the Red Cross to alleviate starvation in more desparate parts of the world, I would suggest some small but achievable measures which could be put in place today without effecting front line services.

Abolition of all green taxes and a decrease of Value Added Tax from energy bills.

Abolition of taxes on food production.

Abolition of Fuel duty.

A moratorium on immigration.

Limit welfare benefits to born and bred British citizens and to those who have paid in for at least ten years.

Likewise with the Nation Health Service.

A moratorium on the sixty five million pound per day going to the European Union bureaucrats until
a) the EU accounts are signed off by an independent auditor
b) the British people leave the corrupt unaccountable institution.

Abolish the Common Agricultural Policy, which is the most expensive of the EU scams.

A moratorium on the fourteen billion pound foreign aid scam paid to dictators and fat cat executives from the lucrative foreign aid industry.

There is much more but it would be inspiring if Sir Charles and the 2 Sisters Food Group set an example and made a donation from its own mountainous stocks of food to the starving folk of the poverty stricken British Isles or would it impact on profits and his own bonus?

Update:  It's been pointed out that 'Great' Britain has to borrow 120 billion pounds per year, where spendthrift politicians have accumulated a national debt of 1.4 trillion pounds, which is a disgraceful 91% of GDP and now has the Red Cross called in to prevent starvation; isn't it time Saints Bob Geldof and Bono campaigned for the cancellation of Britain's foreign debt? (and aid)


  1. When I was a kid, poor people were skinny, now they're fat. Work that one out.

    1. I bet they didn't have IPhones, Xboxes and designer sneakers either.

    An article in the MSM that actually tells it how it is. Very rare.

    1. Great article and very articulate. I will pass it on.

  3. ; isn't it time Saints Bob Geldof and Bono campaigned for the cancellation of Britain's foreign AID
    Fixed it!

  4. Cracking article, Daniel.