Friday, October 4, 2013

Playing The Race Card - The Cynical 'Progressive' Tactic And Its Poisonous Legacy

Everyone who follows the political scene and millions of those who don't but do read the newspapers, will have shook their heads and let out a groan of despair as some unscrupulous politician uses the race card in order to garner votes from their special interest group.

This tactic is now depressingly familiar and it has become one of the main weapons in the armoury of the cynical low life's that masquerade as the representatives of the people and who infest the legislatures of the western democracies like a disease.

Unfortunately, regularly using this tactic has serious negative consequences in that it gives people of ethnic extraction a hypertrophied sense of entitlement which in turn, poisons their minds against the host nation should their expectations or demands not be met.

In addition to this, it also brands industries, institutions, and in the case of black British footballer Sol Campbell, the entire nation as racist.

It's worth noting at this point that the biggest use of the race card in history was the election of the 'Progressive' in Chief across the pond, Barack Hussein Obama. The narrative was that the reason white people were not supporting Obama was his skin colour. This was outrageous, not to mention contemptible but combined with the utter uselessness of John McCain and his campaign, it ultimately proved to be successful.

Emboldened by that success, the tactic is still in use today with 'progressive' politicians and their media whores smearing politicians who oppose Obama's socialist policies as a racist. This has had the poisonous effect of dividing the nation on racial grounds which does not bode well for the future.

History will not judge Obama well on account that he could have used the fact that he is half white to unite the nation and bring all races together: instead he chose to align himself with his bitter and twisted, America hating wife who can barely contain her hatred for white people and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who's hatred for white people is all consuming.

In Great Britain the corrosive effect of using the race card is becoming apparent, not only among the welfare crippled entitlement addicts in the ghettos but by people higher up the economic ladder who should know better.

The case of footballer Sol Campbell is a classic example of how a black person has expectations beyond his capabilities and then goes on to blame skin colour when those expectations are not likely to be met.

It's worth those who have never heard of Sol Campbell persevering with this article because of its illustrative value, demonstrating how unfulfilled expectations by ethnic minorities is blamed on skin colour and an entire nation is branded as racist.

It must be conceded from the outset that Sol Campbell, like many footballers of all ethnic backgrounds, was not at the front of the queue when the brains were handed out, therefore his susceptibility to the dark arts of political spin is higher than that of the informed citizen.

Great Britain's most prolific user of the race card is Labour Member of Parliament Diane Abbott. This political low life has, in common with Sol Campbell, a Jamaican ancestry: she is also an unreconstructed socialist hypocrite of the very highest order. She is a racial bigot who sees everything through the prism of skin colour and who will play the race card at every opportunity.

As a fellow Londoner it would be very surprising if Campbell was not influenced by the anti-British nonsense poured forth by Diane Abbott.

She is notorious for her hypocrisy over education where she campaigns to scrap private schools on the grounds that they are elitist and unfair but pays to educate her own son at one of these despised institutions. She was also appointed as Shadow Minister for Public Health where, in good old socialist fashion, she proceeded to lecture the British public about healthy diets and life styles whilst being hideously obese herself.

It is people of Abbott's ilk that put ideas into the heads of impressionable black people: she preaches that by virtue of them being from an ethnic minority they are special, they are entitled to a future and that they are being robbed of their entitled destiny by 'archaic' British attitudes towards black people.

After a stellar career playing in the top echelons of national and international football, Campbell decided that he would like to go into football management but before he has even started he has also decided that his management career is being obstructed by racism.

This is surprising because he has not yet managed a football club nor has he got the qualifications that are necessary to become a football manager in the first place. Perhaps he is making excuses in advance in anticipation of failure or maybe he has issues with self esteem: whatever the reason using the race card is as unacceptable as it was predictable.

Campbell's attitude and pronouncements are straight out of the Diane Abbott handbook of racial bigotry and send entirely the wrong message to young black people which will only serve to further the animosity between races in the future.

Another sad fact about Campbell's pronouncements is that they are a based on preconceived ideas, falsehoods and outright lies. Campbell claims that racism is forcing him abroad in order to pursue his management career, giving the impression that he is being exiled against his will to the frozen wastes of Siberia. He is disingenuously omitting the fact that many of Great Britain's managers have plied their trade, and are still plying their trade abroad today. This includes his former Arsenal club mate Tony Adams who pursued his management career in the frozen wastes of Azerbaijan without  complaint.

As of 2011 there were over a hundred managers and coaches from Great Britain pursuing their careers abroad, from Iceland in the North to Australia in the South, from the Pacific Coast of America in the West to Hong Kong in the East: This includes coaches working in Campbell and Abbott's ancestral home of Jamaica.

It is apparent that Campbell has a sense of entitlement and expectations way above his  capabilities and if these are not met it will be because of the 'archaic' attitudes of the British toward black people and not because of his own inadequacies.

Sol Campbell's attitude is a classic example of  the damage the Diane Abbott's of this world do when they continually use skin colour in pursuit of votes and their perverted political agenda. Inter racial animosity in the future will be the poisonous legacy of low life political opportunists like Abbott continually using the race card.

If Great Britain is as bad as they make out then both Diane Abbot and Sol Campbell need to explain to the British people why their parents exchanged an idyllic, sun drenched island in the Caribbean, surrounded by fellow black people, for a cold, damp island in the north Atlantic inhabited by racist white people who's only object in life was to obstruct them in their chosen careers?


  1. I read the Groan article an Campbell just comes across as a pathetic cry-baby. Inevitably the so called Rooney Rule will be introduced here to force clubs to interview people of colour for managerial posts. This wouldn't be enough for the likes of Abbott and Campbell though, they would want the clubs to be forced to appoint a minimum of 50% black whining ex-players as managers.

    Everything you say is spot on as usual.

    1. I get the impression that Campbell has taken too many blows to the head. He's had a career that some players can only dream about and yet it's not enough.

      His comment that he gave a lot to the England team but they weren't there for him when he needed them suggests that in his mind he was doing them a favour!

      Sunderland recently sacked their manager, Paulo Di Canio, he is not complaining it was done because he was an Italian. Campbell would have played the race card with support from Diane Abbott.

  2. He hasn't even got his coaching badges yet, and he's claiming he wont be able to get a job

    1. It demonstrates the mindset of black people and other ethnic minorities. If they can't get everything they want it's racial discrimination, it's all whitey's fault.

      To people like Campbell or anyone else, be they black, white or any colour in between, if Great Britain is not to your liking then leave and find somewhere that is.

      It really is that simple.

  3. Just listen to the noise, it really does sound like a Zoo.

  4. Perhaps he should contact Rio Ferdinand who announced his intention to start a breakaway
    union for black footballers. I understand it was going to be named
    Association for Promoting Equality in Sport or APES for short.

    1. Ha haa, what a pair of whiners. Rio Ferdinand and his sissy brother Anton. What kind of athlete who plays a contact sport goes crying to the referee when someone called him names?