Monday, October 7, 2013

Obamacare Insanity - America Should Study The NHS And Be Afraid

There's something satisfying about watching politicians tear themselves apart attempting to justify the unjustifiable.  So it is with the current battle between Democrats and Republicans in the USA over funding for Obamacare.  Democrats want to fundamentally transform America into a third world socialist state on the grounds of equality and fairness while Republicans are trying to hold the line for a free America.

Unfortunately for the people stuck in the middle, neither set of politicians has a clue what the American public want.  Like politicians the world over they are nothing more than a remote, privileged group of self serving career bureaucrats who's length of vision only stretches as far as the next election.

It's a continuing theme on this site that these political shysters have little or no experience in the real world where real people have to live with the consequences of the stupidity emanating from their legislatures. The socialist politicians in the Democrat Party insulate themselves from the world of their constituents with pay and conditions, including health care cover, that they deny everyone else. Like socialists everywhere they are total hypocrites of the very highest order.

Equality and fairness is at the core of their perverted ideology but it doesn't apply to their friends, cronies and contributors, who have been given a waiver from the very law that they are forcing on the constituents under threat of financial penalties from the Internal Revenue Service.  Known as the IRS this is the corrupt government department stuffed with socialist apparatchiks that harass and intimidate anyone who opposes the Obama junta.

For a country born of individual liberty, personal responsibility and constitutionally limited government, the Obama junta is the stuff of nightmares with Obamacare at its core.  This one law alone will herald the end of Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave that has brought so much innovation and prosperity to an often ungrateful world.

Taking a lead from Great Britain's own Phony Tony Blair, the use of spin, deceit and outright lies has become an everyday part of political discourse by Democrats so getting at the truth about 'socialized medicine' is almost as difficult as getting timely medical treatment in the NHS.

To find out what the politicians have in store for them when they nationalize health care, the American people only have to look at the death factories that pass for hospitals and care homes in Great Britain.

As they say in America, 'do the math': you cannot add fifty million more people onto the current health care system without causing an overload.  Health will have to be rationed and will become much more expensive.  In the NHS rationing and long waiting lists are the norm.  Some patients have to wait days just to see their own General Practitioner (GP). 

Due to the inexperience (and stupidity) of the career socialist politicians in the Labour government, they negotiated a new contract with GP's that doubled their pay and cut their hours.  Consequently GP's get six figure salaries and no longer have to work out of normal working hours or at weekends. For the sick, the elderly and those prone to illness such as children and babies, it is unwise to fall ill after five o'clock in the evening, on weekends or on public holidays.

People will recall the faux outrage by the Democrats and their media whores when the great American patriot Sarah Palin, warned of  bureaucrats on death panels deciding medical treatment on the basis of cost as opposed to clinical need.  She was absolutely correct.  In the NHS these death panels have been given the title of the National Council for Clinical Excellence, known by its initials N.I.C.E.  The bureaucrats that sit on these panels are not so nice and in cases of expensive treatment they will decide if a patient lives or dies.

It's not only bureaucrats that can make life or death decisions, medical staff such as doctors or nurses can also play God.  In the case of very sick patients they can hasten a journey to the undertaker by depriving patients of food and water. This is called the Liverpool Care Pathway and is only supposed to be used where patients have only a day or two left on planet Earth and only with the consent of loved ones.

In many cases hospital staff have made this decision to cut costs, without the necessary consent and patients have often lasted much longer than planned in a weakened, painful and dehydrated state.

DNAR are the initials of another death inducing practice in the NHS. These initials stand for Do Not Attempt Resuscitation.  Families can elect for medical staff not to attempt resuscitation should a very sick patient have a heart attack or stroke. These initials are clearly annotated on the patients file.  It should come as no surprise to learn that families have found DNAR on the files of loved ones who are very ill but expected to make a full recovery.

These two issues serve to give the reader only a small flavor of the NHS; it is much, much worse. The MRSA and C Difficile scandals have been forgotten by the twenty four hour news cycle but the relatives of the hundreds and possibly thousands of patients who died through these two diseases will not forget. It shouldn't be forgotten either that these diseases are the result of exposure to filth. Patients dying in dirty, disgusting, filthy hospitals because nobody is responsible for cleanliness standards.

Dehydrated patients lying hungry in their own excrement on blood stained bedding while hospital staff gossip about their weekend exploits or compare tattoos at their nursing station.

Then there is the Mid Staffordshire death scandal where up to 1,200 died horribly because of a lack of care not to mention Doctor Harold Shipman, the NHS doctor who killed up to 260 patients just because he felt like it.

For other appalling NHS scandals see here.

As our American cousins are finding out to their cost it's not only the IRS increasing its bureaucracy to force this system down their throats. The British have suffered this bureaucratic army since 1947. The organization has become a rest home for Labour Party cronies in search of a sinecure or a stepping stone for career 'progressive' politicians who are earning their spurs in the pen pushing and indoctrination trades.

Here is the rogues gallery of leading NHS bureaucrats, please note the lack off medical staff.

The NHS is the third biggest employer in the world behind the Indian Railways and the Chinese Red Army.  Speaking of which, the Chief Executive who presided over these death factories including Mid Staffordshire, is Sir David Nicholson, a career civil servant and member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until its demise in 1983.  He refuses to accept responsibility and resign in light of the  scandals which took place under his watch.

A fellow bureaucrat Cynthia Bower, who was supposed to monitor standards in the NHS, is guilty of covering up the scandals and she is refusing to cooperate with the police inquiry. This appalling woman is an example of an ideologically driven civil servant who would rather lie than see the public image of this socialist monstrosity be shown in its true light.  She has resigned but she should be thrown in the slammer until she does cooperate with the police inquiry or better still put in one of her own hospital beds under the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The American people should study the NHS and learn what their ideologically driven political shysters have planned for them. As one can expect in a government run organization the size of the NHS, inefficiency and bureaucratic incompetence are the norm. The whole hideous construct is run in the interests of socialist ideology and its employees rather than the interests of the sick.  Not being able to organise a p*ss up in a brewery doesn't go anywhere near describing these idiots who run the British people's "most cherished institution".


  1. Maybe Obama and his fellow socialists have studied the NHS, and they've decided they'd like some of that for the USA. A train wreck of a system that's there for the political class rather than the people? What could be better for a lazy, talentless public employee?

  2. You are spot on Geoff, that's exactly what they have done. I was talking to an American friend about 18 months ago, he told me that the one thing he envies about England (they don't understand the UK) is the NHS.

    I related some of the horror stories but he was unmovable, health care must only be provided by governments. Needless to say the bloke was a Democrat.

    Incidentally, he also believed that health care, housing, education including university and a job at a living wage was a human right.

  3. Alternatively, you could say similar things of publicly-funded policing, fire service, public education, and until recently, the Royal Mail.

    All of these national institutions are run by career bureaucrats, whose decisions have led to service lapses with outrageous consequences.

    What's your solution for the 50 million or so Americans who can't afford private health insurance? 'Get a job!' sung to the tune of Bruce Hornsby's classic 80's hit?

    1. Thank you for commenting David; it is my considered opinion based on years of experience, that whenever politicians get involved in anything, it always ends in an expensive disaster. (please see my next post)

      It's rather obvious when you think about it, how is it possible for career politicians and their bureaucrats who have no experience in the real world of business and wealth creation, run anything bigger than a lemonade stand. They must be judged by results and those results are disastrous for the economy and its taxpayers.

      If I had a solution for 50 million uninsured Americans I would be a millionaire. What I do know is, that the government solution will be an expensive disaster that doesn't achieve what it set to do.

      For the record, many of the uninsured are illegal and shouldn't be in the country in the first place. Secondly, many more are young, healthy individuals who don't want health care costs outside of accident insurance.

      It is also forecast that when Obamacare is fully imposed, 15 to 20 million will remain uninsured. Its a train wreck which will only get worse.