Thursday, October 17, 2013

Richard Branson Deserts The Sinking Ship That He Helped Torpedo

It comes as no surprise that Virgin boss Richard Branson has decided to abandon the country of his birth at a time when the system that allowed him to accumulate his vast fortune is being dismantled and transformed into a system that vilifies and demonises wealthy entrepreneurs like himself.

Branson, in line with other millionaires and billionaires, has adopted the global 'progressive' agenda of abolishing global inequality and poverty by the redistribution of wealth but in truth what they really mean is the redistribution of other peoples wealth, not their own.

Any study of Branson's methods will reveal that his business acumen was surpassed by his ability to ruthlessly use the media for self publicity.  He had the ability to identify himself with the causes adopted by various age groups then milk the publicity for all it's worth. He turned himself into a high profile international celebrity businessman.

The question being asked is, did he really believe in the all the trendy causes that he adopted or were they vehicles he used to publicise his various businesses and make a ton of money?

It comes as no great surprise that Branson claims to be a passionate believer in Man Made Global Warming and he is actively engaged in the trendy 'combating climate change' agenda.  At the same time he is polluting the atmosphere with his Virgin Atlantic airline and has a personal carbon footprint the size of a village.  This should give an indication to the more gullible members of his fan club of his sincerity.

After making his personal fortune Branson now believes the system is unfair; he is now calling for the government to legislate for equality and fairness, which means redistribution of other peoples wealth through higher taxes and expanded welfare entitlements.

Along with other 'progressive' millionaires, he no doubt believes in de-homogenising the British people though open border mass immigration and multi-culturalism.  It's a racing certainty that neither he nor his spawn will suffer the consequences of this disaster.  It's his own private Caribbean Island for Sir Richard while his kids will avoid the crime ridden ghettos by buying his Oxford mansion.  How his children, who were born in the age of equal opportunity, can afford to buy and run a mansion remains a mystery.

To say that the British people, the working class in particular, have been conned must be the understatement of the century.  They keep falling for the spin of people like Branson and the political class, and at great cost to themselves, they keep returning them to power over and over again. Dumbing down the education system was a masterstroke of the 'progressive' elite; it will go down as the most productive policy ever.

As a means of helping the low information voter, the dumbed down school leaver and the tribal voter, here are a few facts to consider that may be of use while trying to form an opinion on people like Sir Richard Branson and the political class.

He is not the only one who advocates one thing for the collective good of the country but who do the exact opposite when it comes to themselves and their families.

Tony Blair, the leader of the working man's Labour Party and the "straight kinda guy" who claims that he "came to socialism via Marxism" is now a multi-millionaire who makes his fortune by using connections he made while in office.  He has no qualifications to speak of and he is probably having a good laugh as he watches the British people suffer the consequences of his disastrous tenure in office.

In the age of fairness and equality of opportunity for everyone, Blair's kids are doing very well thanks to the masses.  They've been given houses in up market areas of the country that ordinary kids can only dream about; and it is rumoured that young Euan is being groomed to follow his father's footsteps into Parliament.  They will need a safe seat to parachute him into and most likely the dumbed down electorate will ignore the appalling record of his father and mindlessly elect him.

Then there is the current leader of the working man's party, Red Ed Miliband and his brother David. Born and bred devotees of Karl Marx, these two millionaires have never had a job that anyone would describe as work.  They are career politicians who are both reputed to be millionaires in their own right. These two and their offspring will not suffer the consequences of the 'progressive' agenda they want impose on everyone else.

The previous leader of the working man's party and his venal wife are known as the first family of troughers, they truly are one of the most odious couples ever to pollute the air at Westminster.

Socialist hardliners, Lord Neil and Baroness Glenys Kinnock, have used political patronage and European Union corruption to amass a personal fortune which was mostly financed by the taxpayer. Their former constituents have been cast aside having fulfilled their usefulness as both of these shysters sit in the House of Lords.  This is the institution they despised and swore they would never patronize.  By strange coincidence, wherever Neil and Glenys went the kids seemed to appear shortly after.

Like the Branson, Blair and Miliband children, the Kinnock children will not be sharing the fate of the average British youngster.  They are the new elite, the one percent that their parents claimed to oppose.

Multi-millionaire 'progressives' who preach one thing but practice another are two a penny but no article about 'progressive hypocrisy can fail to mention ex-communist Peter, now Lord, Mandelson. This is another odious creature who, along with others, was largely responsible for dragging British politics and public life into the sewer from which it is yet to emerge.

Being a rider on the other bus, it's unlikely that multi-millionaire Mandelson will be having kids as nature intended, so it is most likely that Renaldo will take his millions and jump ship back to Brazil should the good Lord pop his clogs.

It may seem odd that ordinary, working class people, myself included, defend the system that allowed people like Richard Branson to accumulate vast fortunes, while at the same time he is using  his  wealth and power to destroy it.

This is justified by the fact that the free enterprise system involves personal liberty and freedom from overbearing government interference; the post democratic communist/socialist/progressive system that he is now advocating does not.


  1. Their dreams are our nightmares, Daniel. Worse still we can never wake from them.


    1. The fact that they, nor their offspring, will suffer the consequences of what they impose on the rest of us is an injustice.

      All the while they are promoting multi-culturalism they should be required to live in the ghettos they have created.

      Branson, Blair and Co. should be forced to live in the Somali ghettos of Bristol or the Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos of Brick Lane, Leicester or Rochdale.

      If it's good enough for the people, then it's good enough for them and their spawn.

    2. Not so long ago, my mother suggested that all politicians should live in the constituencies they supposedly 'represent'. Things might just improve a bit if that happened.

    3. Your mother is spot on. They would argue that they spend every weekend in their constituencies but I would argue that is because they don't have a choice.

      When they finally get the boot they can't get away quick enough. The Kinnocks spring to mind.

  2. Branson has a bit of a track record. VAT fiddles, and I think he owned and operated a pervert's club in London. Yet somehow he has maintained his nice guy image. I think his "published" left wing views are purely selfish ( like Sugar's). They arel in favour of benefits for all and mass immigration so more punters can buy their crap products.

    1. He's as ruthless as his mate Bill Gates, that other image driven follower of trendy causes. I suppose they wouldn't be able to amass such fortunes without knowing all the fiddles.

      Your are right Branson, Sugar, Gates etc. need to identify with the masses to sell their shite goods.