Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anthony Weiner, Chris Huhne etc. - The Debased Political Class And Public Ignorance

When future generations look back and try to ascertain the reasons for the downfall of Great Britain, the USA and the rest of the Western world, they need look no further than the appalling standard of representatives the people chose for public office.

A growing number of people believe that in Great Britain the end of honesty in political campaigning came in the 1970's when deceit and outright lying for political ends was tried, tested and subsequently adopted as an electoral tactic.

Even the post war Labour government of 1945 didn't disguise the fact that they were going to fundamentally transform Great Britain by using mass nationalization as a means to create a socialist society. This turned out to be a social and economic disaster and the government were voted out at the first opportunity. Lessons were learned and the Labour Party were not so open about their intentions in future election campaigns.

The first experience of this kind of deceit for the current generation was the referendum campaign for Great Britain to join what was then the Common Market. This was the testing ground for a new set of tactics in modern political campaigning.

This campaign consisted of deliberately disguising the truth then robustly dismissing critics who pointed out the truth as out of touch or xenophobic.

The cross party 'Yes' campaign portrayed the Common Market as nothing other than a benign trade agreement and anyone suggesting that it was the precursor to a federal European superstate were roundly dismissed as fear mongers and little Englanders.

The second referendum campaign was a total outrage. This referendum came about because the British public were not totally convinced that sharing sovereignty was a good idea therefore the socialist government of Harold Wilson promised a renegotiation and subsequent referendum. (This is exactly the same as what Cameron is offering today). The renegotiation was a complete sham just as the next one will be should it even take place.

This was the campaign where honesty ended and where lying, smearing and demonizing opponents became embedded in the political system. The 'Yes' campaign knew then that the ultimate aim was a post democratic federal superstate but they vehemently denied it and doubled down on the smearing of opponents who spoke the truth.

The true nature of the European Union today is there for all to see and the people can decide for themselves who was lying and who was not.

There was brief hiatus in political deceit during the 80's and 90's but the tactics came back with a vengeance during the general election campaign of 1997. The Labour Party campaign saw the emergence of spin doctors, media management professionals, centrally dictated 'lines to take' and instant rebuttal units that are all now part of today's political life.

Modern day politicians lie and cheat as a matter of course and the people are equally guilty by falling for it every time they do it. The truth is that having the ability to lie, cheat and deceive is now becoming a mandatory requirement for elective office.

Politicians undergo various kinds of media management training, often at public expense, continually throughout their political lives. This reinforces the skills that they already have of saying one thing in public, meaning something totally different, keeping a completely straight face then denying they said it a week later.

The two excellent examples of this debased political class are the disgraced former US Senator Anthony Weiner and the disgraced former British government minister Chris Huhne.

Weiner is a 'progressive' creep of the very highest order who, being obsessed with power and in possession of an extremely bloated ego, was a serial sex pest toward young girls, some of whom were total strangers. He is also a compulsive liar who proceeded to shamelessly mislead the American public and the worlds media after his perversion was found out.

After his resignation, some therapy and a mea culpa, his loyal wife publicly stood by her man only to discover he wasn't sorry at all and had not changed in the slightest, he is still the sleazy, lying pervert he always was.

This should be the end of Weiner but in the fashion we've become accustomed to he cannot let go of the public teat or political power nor, sadly, can the public resist his dubious charms. He has entered the race for Mayor of New York and he does have some public support.

Who these people are that would even consider voting for this odious lying creep is a mystery and should he succeed then the reason for the downfall of the once mighty United States will become a little more apparent.

Things are no better in Great Britain where a minister at the heart of government turned out to be as big an odious, lying creep as Anthony Weiner.

Chris Huhne was the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, (Yes, the British really do have a Minister for Climate Change) who used his family as the foundation for his election campaign. While Huhne was claiming his wife and children were the bedrock of his life, he was having an affair with his press agent who was herself already in a civil partnership with her lesbian lover.

Serial liar Huhne and his long suffering wife finally went to jail for lying over some speeding points that his wife claimed he bullied her into taking on her licence.

Huhne's boy/girlfriend, like Mrs Weiner, is publicly standing by her man and who knows, perhaps Huhne will run for public office when the news cycle moves on and heat has died down.

Huhne and Weiner are typical modern day politicians who are well schooled in the art of shameless lying. Legislative bodies around the world are overflowing with these debased wretches and the people cannot seem to see through the fa├žade. They are fooled time and again by their practiced rhetorical skills and phony choreographed election campaigns.

These debased characters combined with the public's inability to see them for what they are, will signal the end of any prospects for a return to sanity and civilized standards for the slowly degrading Western world.

For the record: Great Britain has its own political exhibitionist, Chris Bryant, the Honourable Member for Rhondda, who debases politics by trawling for sex on homosexual websites dressed only in his Y fronts. This odious creature is an embarrassment to Wales and Great Britain but this won't affect his electoral chances. The indoctrinated electorate of Rhondda Cynon Taf are not very far removed from the brain dead supporters of Anthony Weiner in New York City.

More on Huhne and lying politicians here.


  1. At least Jeremy Thorpe had the decency to remain relatively quiet after the pillow biting incident.

    1. Jeremy Thorpe! I'd almost forgotten about that establishment cover up.

      I know its serious but I can't help laughing about the antics of these misfits.

      After assaulting Norman 'Bunnies' Scott twice Thorpe went back asked him, how he likes his eggs.

      As RL would say, 'you couldn't make it up'.