Tuesday, July 23, 2013

World War I Centenary - British Ministers Warn Against Upsetting The Germans

Every student of history will know that the year 2014 signals the centenary of the start of World War I. This was labeled the war to end wars, and one of my grandfathers medals is inscribed with the words "the great war for civilization". Upwards of 16 million people lost their lives in bloody fighting which in many cases was just needless slaughter.

The phrase 'Lions led by donkeys' entered the British lexicon after the sacrifice of tens of thousands of brave men by incompetent war leaders fighting pointless battles using 19th century tactics in a 20th century war. Other words such as honour, bravery, courage and sacrifice also became the most frequently used in daily language.

Nowadays, these words are obsolete in any conversation which involves the modern political class. The stark truth about the calibre and attitudes of these people becomes only too apparent when listening to government Ministers as they make preparations to mark the centenary of this tragic conflict.

The world may be surprised to know that the British government, as part of its agenda to impose multi-culturalism on the unwilling people, have a Cabinet Minister with the Orwellian title of 'Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport', this same Cabinet minister also has the title of  'Minister for Women and Equalities'.

This is not to be confused with that other Orwellian appointment, the Cabinet Minister for Faith and Communities, currently occupied by the unelected and under qualified, walking disaster known as Baroness Warsi.

The Minister in question is Maria Miller, a former advertising and marketing executive who appeared from nowhere as part of the Prime Minister's declared objective of promoting women into government based on their gender rather than their ability.

Ms Miller displays all the attributes required of a  David ' Call Me Dave' Cameron type of trendy, politically correct, 'progressive' Conservative, the main requirements of which are to studiously ignore the wishes of the people and to regard traditional conservatives as swivel eyed loons and closet racists.

Unfortunately for the British people Ms Miller is taking a leading role in organizing the events that will mark the centenary of the Great War. She displayed her politically correct credentials right from the start by announcing that "we won't be judgmental" as to the causes of the war. Obviously these weasel words signal the British governments fear of upsetting the Germans.

The German people of today are not to blame for the sins of the ancestors and marking the centenary with the truth should not upset them.

Re-writing history for political reasons used to be the preserve of Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party and it is unbecoming and cowardly for British government ministers to be indulging in such practices.

If Secretary of State Maria Miller at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport wasn't bad enough then the confirmation of government cowardice was entrenched further by Eric Pickles at the Orwellian Department of Communities and Local Government.

Many people regarded Eric Pickles as an independent minded government minister who was prepared to rock the boat and speak up on behalf of the people. They were disappointed to learn that when it comes to political correctness and bowing down to Angela Merkel and the Germans, Pickles follows the party line to the letter.

Eric Pickles in the true modern conservative style of  'Dave' is warning against upsetting the Germans and declaring that it would be a shame if the commemoration turned into an anti-German, anti-Turkey festival.

Historians are rightly accusing the government of being reluctant to recognize the British victory, the question they should be asking is why?

Government Ministers, Eric Pickles and Maria Miller included, have been briefed to "refuse commenting on the causes of the war and try to make sure that memorial events are not too triumphalist or patriotic".

If they knuckle under to this shameful diktat then they are pathetic cowards in the face of the enemy who do not deserve respect from the people let alone renumeration. (the enemy being political correctness, not the German people)

Cities, towns, villages and hamlets lost sons in their hundreds and thousands to prevent the German domination of Europe. Their sacrifice should be respectfully honoured and not downgraded or swept under the carpet because the cowards in government are subservient to political correctness and Angela Merkel.

Ignoring political correctness and being absolutely judgmental, let me state for the record that World War I was fought to prevent Kaiser Wilhelm II's imperialist design for a German dominated Europe. The assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist was the long awaited pretext.

Every schoolchild should be taught that the German imperialists of yesterday were solely to blame for World War I and the resultant atrocities, just as they were for World War II.

If Angela Merkel and the German people get upset by that unquestionable truth, then tough.

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