Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NHS Death Factories Scandal - The Envy Of The World Needs Putting Down

The British National Health Service is another one of those topics where common sense gives way to irrational emotionalism and cynical political manipulation.

Rational discussion is impossible due to the NHS being continually touted by 'progressive' politicians, and their agenda driven media, as a gift from Heaven. Together with the BBC, it's supposed to be the British people's 'most cherished institution and the envy of the world'.

Anyone brave enough to offer even the mildest criticism, let alone point out the obvious, often fatal failures, is demonized and smeared as if they were the spawn of the devil himself. According to the vested interests, this lethal institution is beyond reproach.

There is no question that of the 1.7 million people employed by the NHS (only the Chinese red army, Walmart and the Indian Railways employ more) many are highly motivated people who's dedication to their patients is above and beyond the call of duty.

Incredibly in this monolith only half of the 1.7 million are clinically qualified, so that leaves an army of bureaucrats who are not directly involved with patient care.

The NHS was the brain child of the post war Labour government who were elected to power by a weary populace hungry for change after two world wars. Offering 'hope and change' the new government set about fundamentally transforming the country by embarking on a socialist programme of mass nationalization from which the country has never recovered.

Everything from railways, airlines, road haulage, canals, telecommunications, radio and television, coal mining, steel making, electricity generation and other utilities, were taken over by government bureaucrats, then converted into inefficient over manned monoliths. These subsequently bankrupted themselves together with the entire country in the decades that followed.

Although it started off with the noblest of ideals, 'universal healthcare, free at the point of need', turned out to be no different to any other socialist construct and it has evolved into an overmanned, inefficient, cash hungry monster that is no longer fit for the purpose for which it was intended.

One would think that with the advances in medical science, access to more modern pharmaceuticals, better nutrition and improvements in industrial safety, the NHS would become a decreasing burden on the taxpayer but by taking into account the usual inefficiency of governments, increased bureaucracy and outright corruption, that would be reckless optimism.

From the equivalent of 9 billion GBP in 1948 the cost has ballooned to a staggering 108 billion GBP today. The one thing that can be guaranteed about government bureaucracies is their irresponsibility and total lack of respect for taxpayers or their money.

Who but an unaccountable government bureaucrat would pay 89.50 GBP for fish oil capsules worth 3.50 in a time of soaring national debt and austerity?

Who but an unaccountable government bureaucrat would authorize a bimbo wannabe a boob enhancement at taxpayer expense and who then wants it reversed because she doesn't like it.

It has taken the Mid Staffs Hospital scandal and the deaths of 1,200 innocent people, who put their trust in the government run health system, to prove that the NHS has failed. Its leaders and their political overseers at the Department of Health are criminally negligent, incompetent, corrupt and unaccountable. (More appalling NHS horror stories here, here and here)

More than double the number of patients have been killed by the staff at these hospitals than soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and yet nobody is being held accountable. The Labour government was warned when they were in power that there would be 13,000 excess deaths in the NHS if they failed to act. They did indeed fail to act and in any other walk of life this would be considered murder.

What happened to Duty of Care and the Corporate Manslaughter Act which was used in the private sector to prosecute an employer for the unfortunate death of a single employee?

The government and its bureaucrats have proved themselves guilty by the fact that they attempted to cover up, for electoral and ideological reasons, not only the carnage in their hospitals but the obvious failure of the NHS itself.

Politics comes before people every time.

The appalling treatment of whistleblower Julie Baily, demonstrates the depths of depravity to which NHS supporters will sink to protect the ideologically purity of their death factories.

In behavior typical of 'progressive' activists in defence of their ideological icons, Julie Baily, who's mother died after appalling neglect, is now an enemy of the people.  She has been publicly abused, spat at, had her business boycotted, been driven from her home and had her late mothers grave desecrated by the supporters of Britain's 'most cherished institution and envy of the world'.

Wherever there is government and taxpayers money there is corruption and, as always, the politicians look after their own and get away with it unscathed. Under supposed efficiency reforms, the government stuffed the pockets of its cronies with 60 million GBP in redundancy packages then rehired them soon after. This particular scam has been going on for years both in NHS and local government and short of a revolution by the people there appears to be no end to it.

Out of interest do take a look, and attempt to make sense of, the current NHS structure before and then after 'Call Me Dave's reorganization programme.

The NHS structure of today was put in place in a bygone age when health requirements were different and throwing unlimited amounts of taxpayers money at it is not the answer. It has served its purpose, it is obsolete, it cannot be reformed, it should be sent to the knackers yard and put down. A modern, efficient health service that is fit for the 21st century and beyond should be put in its place.

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