Monday, July 22, 2013

Shaker Aamer - 'Progressive' Celebrities On Phony Hunger Strike For Gitmo Terrorist

Not many people outside of the 'progressive' Utopia, formally known as Great Britain, will have heard of the so called comedian Frankie Boyle. He is part of a gang of politically motivated celebrities, beloved of the BBC, who crawl over the 'entertainment' industry like head lice in an inner city sink school.

The only thing funny about Frankie Boyle and his celebrity crew is their embarrassingly laughable support for a Saudi national who was arrested in Afghanistan and who is now held in the Guantanamo Bay terrorist nick.

Watching the celebrity world fall over themselves in the USA to identify with 'progressive' anti-American causes, such as justice for the drug abusing street thug Trayvon Martin or the rock star treatment for the Boston Bomber, it is now apparent that in order to qualify for celebrity status in Great Britain one has to support similar trendy causes.

Frankie Boyle joins other 'progressive' comedians, such as Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard and the rest of the socialist supporting and thankfully defunct Red Wedge, in lending their support to anything that belittles their country no matter how risible.

Boyle has decided to go on a sympathy hunger strike with Saudi national terrorist suspect Shaker Aamer who is protesting his innocence, but with a huge difference - Boyle and his brave band of self sacrificing hero's will share the hunger strike by not eating for a week at a time only.

So while poor Shaker Aamer is starving indefinitely in Gitmo, he will be happy in the knowledge that Frankie will be tucking into a full English breakfast every seventh day. No black pudding of course as that has racial undertones which is bad for community cohesion.

Boyle is also going to update his adoring followers with regular Tweets on how he is feeling. This kind of idiocy is more than laughable and deserves the derision it is getting among sensible people who see it for what it is. It is nothing other than gesturing with a view to bolstering his trendy 'progressive' image among the more gullible members of the self loathing community.

Where was this intrepid gang of hunger strikers when legal British residents Abu 'the Hook' Hamza and Abu Qatada were being held in harsh conditions prior to deportation to the evil USA and Jordan? They have wives and British children also.

One of the newspaper articles informing us of Frankie Boyle's sacrifice is remarkably light on detail, saying only that Shaker Aamer is a Saudi national, a legal British resident and married to a British National. This gives the impression of a benign family man going about his business and bringing up his family.

Some facts that are not included are that Aamer was born and raised in the Muslim hot spot of Medina, the second holiest site in Islam where non Muslims, deemed unclean, are not allowed to enter for fear of polluting their holy ground. Saudi Arabians like Aamer come mainly from the fanatical west hating Wahhabi sect, who are committed to spreading Islam to all corners of the globe.

Aamer next travelled extensively in the Middle East and Europe after which he went on to study in the Great Satan itself, the USA.

Who financed this extensive travelling and education and why? This is not made clear. He then moved to Great Britain where he married a British woman named Zin Siddique who most likely shares his beliefs and hatred of the West.

As everyone does in his adopted homeland, the British resident moved his British wife and children to Taliban controlled Afghanistan. The Taliban at the time were busy executing anyone and everyone who broke any rule perceived to be against Islam. This included the playing of music, dancing and the flying of kites. They stopped all education for women and banned them from any form of employment outside of the mud hut.

It is safe to assume that Aamer and his British wife Zin Siddique knew about the brutality of the Taliban prior to their departure and therefore approved. No normal people would expose their own children to such barbarity unless they identified with it and wanted their children to identify with it also.

Frankie Boyle and his Britain loathing 'progressive' friends in the so called 'entertainment' community would have sympathized with that other celebrity Gitmo prisoner, Binyam Mohamed. He is continually portrayed as a innocent victim of British and American abuse but many questions about him remained unanswered.

This piece of work was an Ethiopian national who came to Great Britain to escape from the war torn hell hole into which he was born. Having had such an escape one would think that he would grasp the opportunity with both hands and work hard in order to repay the British people who extended him their hand of friendship.

This so called victim showed his gratitude by entering the world of drugs and crime before joining the enemy of a free Britain by converting to Islam. An incredulous public was then expected to believe that Mohamed travelled to Taliban controlled Afghanistan, around the same time as Shaker Aamer and just prior to the invasion, in order to clear his drug addled head and experience a Muslim country first hand. He could have done that in Dubai, Bahrain, Bali or even his spiritual home in Saudi Arabia.

He admitted that, while in that blighted country, he attended Al Qaeda training camps with the intention of joining the jihad in Chechnya. He was caught trying to re-enter Great Britain from Karachi, Pakistan using a false passport. It wasn't made clear by Frankie Boyle's Labour government why a legal resident would use a false passport to smuggle himself back into his host country.

Why did he not go to Chechnya directly from Afghanistan or was training for use in Great Britain?

Binyam Mohamed became a celebrity himself among the 'progressive' North London Metropolitan elite and the brain dead followers of the Labour Party who get their information from the Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

This creep is repaying the generosity of the British people who took him in by suing them for 1.6 million.

Frankie Boyle and his fellow hunger strikers might like to know that these so called news outlets do not pursue the fact that it is their Labour Party elder statesman Jack Straw MP, who is accused of assisting the CIA with Extraordinary Rendition and enhanced interrogation techniques.

Many people, myself included, would like to see Guantanamo Bay closed and the remaining inmates set free in Yemen, or some other such Muslim paradise, where they can be monitored and dealt with should they revert to their past behavior.

Frankie Boyle, being part Irish should remember that a real hunger striker goes on to the end, as was the case with Bobby Sands MP. No high profile part time hunger striking for Bobby, he was deadly serious. This celebrity terrorist believed wholeheartedly in his cause and he saw it through.

I would suggest that if Frankie Boyle and his celebrity friends want to be taken seriously and make a real impact on the Saker Aamer case, they should show some courage, stop the self publicity and follow the example of a true hunger striker, the late Bobby Sands.


  1. You ask so many awkward questions, and say such silly things that you can never enter parliament! Keep going, mate.

  2. Hi dickie, I couldn't stop laughing as I wrote this one. Poor Shaker starving in his cell, happy that Frankie is starving himself in sympathy, Monday to Friday, once a month.

    The only thing Boyle is drawing attention to is his own phony gesturing.

  3. Good article and rather hard to find amongst all the sycophancy out there on the Web. Shaker is now free to return and make a nuisance of himself in the UK. The only other piece of truth I have found is an article in The Daily Beast.

    1. I see the Saudi national is back in the UK