Tuesday, July 9, 2013

European Judges Choose Murderers Over The People - Politicians Reduced To Whimpering

With the voluntary departure of the vile terrorist Abu Qatada to his homeland of Jordan, the government spin machine is in overdrive claiming that this is a victory for the government and Home Secretary Theresa May in particular. She in turn is apparently using this long awaited moment to burnish her credentials for a possible challenge for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Far from being a victory, Abu Qatada has had the last laugh and has rubbed salt into the wounds of the hapless May, together with the entire political class and sadly, the British people.

While the British people have to spend wads of their own hard earned cash and suffer the indignities of airport security (which was put in place to catch terrorists like Qatada) and the political elite have to make do with Business Class when indulging in their overseas junketing, brother Abu gets to fly home by executive jet care of the taxpayer, bypassing security in the process.

The government can spin all they want, the fact remains that Abu Qatada left voluntarily, of his own free will, not by anything Theresa May had done. It may be that Qatada saw the writing on the wall but he has proved himself to be smarter than Theresa May in the past and may yet have the last laugh.

Qatada's family remains in Great Britain living on welfare benefits funded by the hard pressed British taxpayers. If he is found innocent in Jordan or given a derisory prison sentence, all he has to do on his release is to make his way back into Great Britain, a simple task by any account, then he is free and fireproof due to Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which guarantees him a right to family life. He knows he will have the full support of the European Court of Human Rights, its judges and the spineless British government leaders.

Article 8 is religiously applied in Great Britain by these 'judges' and the political class. These so called 'judges' are not judges at all but appointed political operatives put in place to impose the United States of Europe agenda on an unwilling populace.

These same 'judges', many of whom come have no legal qualifications, seem to take particular pleasure in challenging the British people and humiliating their Parliament, together with overriding some age old British laws.

Prisoners in Great Britain lose their right to vote in elections for the time of their incarceration but the Euro judges rule this to be against their human rights.

The case was brought by serial criminal and murderer John Hirst who chose to end the life of his landlady with an axe. He celebrated his victory over the British people by smoking a joint and posting the video on line.

The fact that the British people and their Parliament rejects their ruling doesn't seem to bother these bureaucrats. The fanatical pursuit of their agenda takes absolute priority.

In the latest insult to the British people these political operatives from the ECHR have decided to impose their authority over the already useless British judges by removing their ability to sentence murderers with whole life tariffs.

Notorious, cold blooded murderers Jeremy Bamber, Douglas Vinter and Peter Moore have won the support of the ECHR judges over the British people who are powerless due to the subservience to all things European by their treacherous government leaders.

Great Britain's media created Prime Minister and committed Europhile, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, announced through his official spin doctor that he is "very, very disappointed at this ruling" with which he "profoundly disagrees". Well, that whimpering response will have them quaking in their boots in Brussels!

The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling launched what is being described as a 'furious attack' on the European judges. "The British people will find this ruling intensely frustrating and hard to understand. What the court is saying is that a judge can no longer tell the most appalling criminals that they will never be released".

Chris Grayling, like 'Dave' goes on to say that "he profoundly disagrees with the courts decision" 

Hapless Home Secretary Theresa May joined in the 'furious attack' by expressing her "dismay" at the ruling.

If this whimpering is being passed off as a is a 'furious attack' on the Euro judges then the British people have no hope of ever reclaiming their country and the totalitarians of Europe, Herman von Rumpuy et al. can rest assured that the British government leaders will be no threat to 'ever closer' union' toward their beloved United States of Europe.


  1. Over at Conservative Home they were crowing like May had solved the country's economic woes and found the cure for cancer all before lunch.
    When did we last have a half decent home secretary? The all seem to be somewhere between worse than useless and dangerously incompetent.

    1. They always claim credit for the good news but nobody is held responsible when there's bad news.

      Who has resigned or been sacked, let alone been prosecuted, for the Mid Stafford hospitals death scandal?

      Theresa May is a bog standard political operative. If she wins the leadership it will be business as usual.