Saturday, July 13, 2013

Criminal Bureaucrats and Benefit Fraudsters Given Free Access To Taxpayers Money

The reluctant prosecution of thieving political low life Denis MacShane should give the long suffering and much abused taxpaying public little reason for celebration. For some unknown reason money extorted from the taxpayer, under threat of imprisonment, is considered to be the personal property of benefit fraudsters and any political operative or bureaucrat, to spend as they see fit.

There doesn't appear to be any respect whatsoever for the money itself or for the people that have to get out of bed each day to earn it.

If the economists and the politicians are to be believed the economy is broke, requiring spending cuts described as 'draconian', 'savage' and the 'worse for a generation' by the 'progressive' left together with their agenda driven whores who infest the airwaves and the printed media.

They are lying of course just like they always do.

The revelation that civil servants and other government bureaucrats are still using over $ 1.6 billion of taxpayers money to pay for luxury hotels everywhere from Dubai to Montego Bay, in addition to gourmet meals, fine wines, chauffeur driven limousines and shopping vouchers for God knows who, is a national scandal.

This is proof, if any were needed, that politicians are not serious about cutting government spending or attending to waste, fraud and abuse with respect to the public finances.

To many people this is a much more than a scandal, it is outright theft which should be punishable by law.

The media created Prime Minister, 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, made a high profile promise to crackdown on this kind of profligacy by bureaucrats during the 2010 election campaign, a promise he conveniently forgot about immediately the election was over.

The tax avoiding leader of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, Patricia Hodge, has the ideal solution to this abuse of public money. She has "recommended a ban on buying alcohol and cutting back on 5 star hotel bookings".

This laughable comment only demonstrates Hodge's complete detachment from the real world the rest of us inhabit. It must be a relief for the workers to know that this multi-millionaire champagne socialist is looking out for them and their hard earned money!

 If they are really taking this theft seriously they would take back the taxpayer funded credit cards given out to these bureaucrats and make them pay with their own money which can be subsequently claimed back on receipted expense claims. (As a professional expatriate for more years than I care to remember, I know this has the effect of concentrating the mind to make sure any spend is absolutely essential.)

In mitigation, the profligate bureaucrats can cite their bosses as the example they are following. The Parliamentary expense scandal shocked the nation. The outright stealing of public money by the parliamentarians was more widespread than anyone could have imagined. The thieving buggers were all at it and only six of the crooks went to jail for their crimes.

In an act of deceit and sheer brazen hypocrisy these charlatans have created an anonymous link  for the public to report benefit fraud. To anyone with an ounce sense, this is obviously a window dressing exercise put in place to give the public the false impression that they are taking the stealing of public money seriously.

To rub the taxpayers noses further into the ground, if anyone is caught defrauding the workers by stealing their money via benefit fraud, the chances of going to jail is diminishing. Despite a so called government crackdown, the chances of being jailed for benefit fraud is now only 1 in 20.

The upshot of all this proves that the government is not serious about cutting spending or prosecuting the criminal political establishment for stealing public money and abusing the long suffering taxpayers.

To anyone who has worked with an expense and allowance system the solution is simple:

Remove procurement credit cards to all but the most senior people.

Implement a system of zero tolerance to abuse of taxpayers money, monitored by an independent agency. These crooks cannot be trusted to police themselves.

If high value expenses are likely to be incurred this is done via a letter of credit for the approximate amount monitored by a person of higher authority who will be held responsible for any abuse.

Use the full force of the law against any abusers.

Categorise the abusing of taxpayers and their money as a serious crime akin to committing Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) or *Attempted Murder.

Until drastic action is taken there will be no end to it.

It must be said that if the much abused British taxpayer is being ripped off, spare a thought for our American cousins across the water. They are being taken for an eye watering $100 billion by their political shysters and like their British counterparts, short of an Arab Spring type uprising, there's nothing that they can do about it.

* Attempt at satire



    I'm not sure if the figure includes all the working family tax credits, housing benefits, etc etc. Then there's the extra security costs, the costs of jailing many of them, the huge strain on public services and so on.

    1. The amount of waste, fraud and abuse is staggering. They could end deficit spending and pay off the national debt in a heartbeat by cutting it out.

      This is what happens when college kids and corruptocrats are elected to public office.

  2. The East London Mosque has received £2.9 million in public funding in the last 6 years.

    1. There should be a ban on all mosque building in Great Britain to the match the ban on church building in Saudi Arabia