Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helter Skelter - Eric Holder And Al Sharpton Finishing What Charles Manson Started

The dream that the USA would enter a post racial age with the election of a mixed race President has turned into a nightmare of epic proportions. This is not because of an unfortunate turn of events or because the racial divide in America is too wide to bridge but because the electorate was fooled into believing that the photogenic, eloquent young man, who had a white mother and a black father, would use his mixed race credentials to bring the divided communities together.

Their trust in this Messianic figure was not only misplaced but openly abused after his long planned usurpation of power was achieved. The writing was on the wall from the start with his carefully orchestrated 'hope and change' campaign and his uncontested assertion that he was going to 'fundamentally transform' America. Grown adults were in such a swoon they ignored the fact that this mysterious man had no background, no accomplishments, no qualifications and no history other than an association with America hating domestic terrorists and Marxist professors.

The 'Progressive' in Chief's radical agenda started to take shape immediately on taking office with his appointment of so called 'black activist' Eric Holder as Attorney General. Like his boss, mixed race Holder is a socialist radical that has abandoned his white half in order to adopt the African/Slavery victim culture as a vehicle for implementing revolutionary change.

One of the hallmarks of the Obama/Holder administration is their declared intention to ignore laws that don't suit their transformational agenda, such as the Defence of Marriage Act, Immigration Laws, Voter Identification Laws, Border Control Laws etc.  But worse still is their refusal to acknowledge the truth about violent crime statistics or to prosecute certain criminal behavior if carried out by black criminals.

The government sponsored Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman trial should remove any doubt that this regime would engineer a race war in to order to achieve its ideological goals. Along with race baiting low life Al Sharpton, they are deliberately ignoring the facts about the case and stirring up racial hatred for political ends.

Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder by a jury that was chosen by both sides and agreed by the prosecution. The American justice system did its job but the result didn't suit the administration or the 'progressive' zealots who's narrative had been 'white racist kills innocent black child' from the beginning. When the truth was finally revealed, Trayvon Martin was far from the innocent black child that the administration and its media bag carriers portrayed.

Having already decided this was a racist murder, it came as a bitter disappointment to the administration, and the 'progressive' zealots, when the German sounding Zimmerman turned out to be Hispanic. This didn't put them off though, they shamelessly invented a new racial category of 'White Hispanic' in order to justify their continued witch hunt.

The verdict should have put and end to the matter but race baiter Al Sharpton with the assistance of Eric Holder, together with their agenda driven whores in the media, are determined to carry on using the issue to stir up racial hatred and a possible race war in order to pursue their transformation agenda.

As tragic as it is, the death of Trayvon Martin is an insignificant statistic compared to black on white crime in the USA. The fact that this crime ignored by the main stream media is proof that the Zimmerman/Martin issue is being exaggerated and used for political ends.

When Eric Holder not only refuses to act against New Black Panther crimes but openly refers to them as "my people" he is condoning their call for a race war against white people.

If anyone is in any doubt about what the Eric Holder's New Black Panthers are thinking then the words of intent from their spokesnutter Michelle Williams, should focus the mind:

"if you are in any doubt about getting suited, booted and armed up for this race war that we are in that never ended, let me tell you somethin', the thing that's about to happen, these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf*ckers, has been long overdue".

There's not much room for doubt as to Ms Williams state of mind!

The last high profile attempt to start a race war for political ends was Charles Manson and his devoted family of indoctrinated followers. They believed without question his weird Helter Skelter justification to murder innocent people in order to precipitate a race war.

According to Manson, this race war would bring down the established society of which he disapproved and be replaced with one of which he did. A sort of nutters variation of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

The frightening thing about the orchestrated hysteria surrounding the Zimmerman verdict is the multitude of Eric Holder's devoted family of indoctrinated 'progressive' followers who would riot and kill innocent people in a race war deliberately precipitated to achieve political goal.

When the question of numbers is raised about how a minority of black people can win a war against such overwhelming numbers of whites, it would be wise to learn some lessons from World War II.

Firstly disarm the people by using collaborators who are consumed with white guilt to facilitate their own demise. These specimens are indocrinated lost souls and in surprisingly large numbers. In World War II they were known as Judenrats, for obvious reasons.

The following will be familiar to our American cousins and should set their alarm bells ringing accompanied by a trip to the ammo store.

The administration in the Netherlands, for example, ordered the Co-ordinating Committee of Jewish Organisations to set up a Jewish Council, the Joodse Raad, who's job was to "implement an order demanding that all Jews hand in any weapon that they owned".

The rest, as they say, is history.


  1. Hey, they're just trying to get some return on those 2 billion rounds of DHS ammo and the "reeducation camps."
    Who says racist, totalitarian scum aren't fiscally responsible?

    1. I read that like all good socialists the 'Reverend' Sharpton ain't been paying his taxes and reckons that the IRS are racist for asking him to cough up.

      Maybe that young floozy he's courting is draining his funds.