Monday, July 15, 2013

Beyonce, Halle Berry And The 'Cracker' Celebrity Industry - Radical Chic For Trayvon Martin

Millions of red blooded male hearts were sent fluttering when Halle Berry emerged from the surf sporting her orange bikini and eventually falling for the dubious charms of James Bond in the blockbuster movie Die Another Day.

Millions more teenagers and delayed adolescents rush out to buy the latest tickets and promoted merchandise for performer Beyoncé Knowles. One would think that the these two mega rich superstars, and the rest of the celebrity crowd, would use their global fame to positively influence impressionable young minds.

Unfortunately they choose not to, instead they identify themselves with the trendy African American 'victims of slavery' culture which is being promoted by race baiting politicians such as Jesse Jackson, 'Reverend' Al Sharpton et al. including their current half 'cracker' President. This is despite the fact that they are all far removed from all things African or slave.

Halle Berry ignores the fact that her mother, Judith Hawkins, is white when she adopts African American status in order to pursue her radical black causes. Along with her President, she insults her own mother when she claims to be an African American and when she adopts their radical causes, which includes the killing of white people.

Beyoncé Knowles called for a moment of silence during a recent concert on receiving the news that George Zimmerman, despite a guilty verdict by the media, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers of murdering teenage thug Trayvon Martin. This was gross irresponsibility and served only to assist the race baiters of whipping up anti-white hysteria.

After learning that Zimmerman was not white but Hispanic, 72% of whom voted for Obama, the disappointed race baiters in the political world and the 'progressive 'media, had to invent a new category of 'White Hispanic' in order to continue inciting anti-white violence.

Beyoncé, half Creole (French and Indian), and Halle Berry should be careful what they wish for, and also for what they are unleashing as a result of their anti-white bigotry. They both look as African as any 'cracker' girl would after a session at a tanning salon. They could quite easily pass for 'White Hispanic' themselves and may get themselves lynched by the very mobs they are inciting.

Decent people cannot expect celebrities to behave responsibly when the 'Progressive in  Chief' and misnamed leader of the free world is indulging in this base form of racial politics himself. Barack Hussein Obama's utterances are not only irresponsible and juvenile but should have been left behind when he parted company with his Marxist professors and went on to pursue his distinguished career as a Community Organiser.

The mixed race President, who's mother was as white as Sarah Palin, only fooled his brain dead 'progressive' followers when he made his pathetic attempt to identify himself with the Africa/slavery victim culture.

"If I had a son he would look like Trayvon" he is quoted as saying to a disbelieving world. The fact is that due to his white mother, any a son that he sired could equally have looked like Justin Bieber or even George Zimmerman.

In pursuit of his radical 'progressive' agenda, and to the dismay of decent Americans of all races, Obama handpicked the radical black activist Eric Holder to run his Justice Department. During an economic crisis when the nation needs uniting, the American people can do without a revolutionary racial bigot running their Justice Department.

Attorney General Holder refused to prosecute New Black Panther activist, King Sami Shabazz, for voter intimidation at a polling booth in Philadelphia or for a vile racist interview he gave where he indicated his desire to "kill crackers" and even to "kill cracker babies". Holder even referred to the New Black Panthers as "my people".

King Sami Shabazz should be renamed Queen Pansy Shagob as his threats appear to be all talk. So far, thank God, this low life hasn't matched his words with action and not one 'cracker' or 'cracker baby' has been killed. Super rich radical 'progressives' like Sean Penn, George Clooney, Harrison Ford et al. can sleep safely in their beds knowing that Queen Pansy does not have the courage of his convictions.

It's a mystery as to why Eric Holder associates himself with a radical lunatic like the 'cracker killer' Shabazz and his cause when he is of Barbadian descent and part 'cracker' himself.

One of America's most divisive of celebrity radicals who were blessed with 'cracker' blood was Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X. This madman, who also named himself, El-Hajj El Shabaz, was embarrassed by the light skin and ginger hair he inherited from his Scottish grandfather and went on to agitate for the separation of black and white Americans. This type of separation is called apartheid in the real world, for which black hero and celebrity terrorist Nelson Mandela is being sanctified for abolishing.

It is supremely ironic that Malcolm X/Little/ El Shabaz was bumped off, not by a 'cracker', but by the Nation of Islam of which he was the founding father.

It was articulated in 1970 by Tom Wolfe that Halle Berry, Beyoncé Knowles and the rest of the multi-millionaire celebrity hypocrites are indulging in Radical Chic, either to promote their careers among their target group or to assuage their guilt at being rich and detached from the real world of the people who finance their wealth.

 Radical Chic is perfectly summed up by the following:

"adoption and promotion of radical political causes by celebrities, socialites and high society". The concept is further described as "an exercise in double tracking ones public image: on the one hand, defining oneself through committing allegiance to a radical cause, but on the other hand vitally demonstrating allegiance because it's a fashionable, au courant way to be seen in moneyed, name conscious society".

This final paragraph sums these celebrities up so eloquently that even dumbest 'progressive can understand:

"Unlike dedicated activists, revolutionaries and Dissenters, those who engage in Radical Chic remain frivolous political agitators. They are invested in their cause of choice only so far as it advances their social standing".



  1. Just imagine what the USA would be like if after the civil war they returned the slaves to Africa and sealed the border with Mexico.

    1. They did. Liberia in West Africa was set up for freed slaves who wanted to return to their homeland. They even named the capital Monrovia after President Monroe.

      For all the talk of freedom and discrimination there were not a lot off takers.

      Despite the whinging about discrimination and oppression it would appear that Africans preferred their captors homeland to their own.

      I will do a post on this in the near future.