Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Muslim Logic 101 - By Ousting Their Premiers Egypt Is No Different To Australia

A recent conversation with one of my Muslim brothers only served to confirm what many people knew already, their thinking is about as logical as their religion is peaceful.

The gentleman in question, an old work colleague from the 80's, is a 'westernized' second generation born of Pakistani immigrants who obviously hasn't learned anything from being raised in the West.

With Egypt descending into a blood bath typical of Muslim countries, it was relatively easy to steer the conversation toward the ousting of President Morsi. It was agreed that Morsi got himself into power by lying to the electorate.  He played down his association with the Muslim Brotherhood and also his intention to turn Egypt into a totalitarian Islamic state dominated by Sharia law. When his true intentions became clear the people realized they had been duped and wanted no part of it.

As is usual in Muslim countries, Morsi's removal was accompanied by violence, bloodshed and instances of horrific rape and murder.

According to my former colleague this is no different to the removal of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister of Australia. She was elected to office by telling lies and deceiving the Australian electorate. He remembered the now infamous "there'll be no Carbon Tax under any administration that I lead" lie which went global.

His logical processes weren't expansive enough to grasp that it was an internal party democratic procedure that allowed this changeover to occur or that it took place without rioting, death, destruction or interference from the army. Unlike Tahir Square, there was no rioting, rape or murder in 'Billabong' Square and the change is only valid until the next general election. The people will then decide in what most likely will be a free, fair and peaceful election campaign and subsequent ballot.

To our friend, the fact that Prime Minister Gillard had been removed mid term, without a general election, indicated that Australia was no different to Egypt.

I was intrigued to know why this guy took such an interest in Australia and was so knowledgeable about Australian politics. His answers should put our friends down under on high alert.

According to him, Great Britain is no longer a good place for Muslims, they are facing prejudice at work and harassment in the streets from thugs like the Nation Front, the BNP, (the anti immigrant British National Party) and the English Defence League. The National Front must have made an impact because as far as I am aware these idiots disappeared years ago.

Also, the government is making it harder for them to marry off their daughters to older relatives and bring the new spouses into the country. All in all, Great Britain is no longer as Muslim friendly as it used to be when he was young.

I didn't mention the fact during our conversation but he is obviously ignoring the pro Muslim governments of the last two decades, according to who, Muslims could do no wrong. Only Muslim friendly governments would give preferential treatment to paedophile gangs who's beastial activities were ignored for years by the authorities specifically because the perpetrators were Muslims.

He is also ignoring the positive discrimination and preferential treatment given to deadbeats such as the terminally stupid Baroness Warsi who sits at the heart of government just because she is a Muslim or the thieving criminal Baroness Uddin, who was never prosecuted for her crimes again because she is Muslim. This crook still sits in the House Of Lords claiming allowances and expenses from the very taxpayers she systematically robbed.

I mentioned that to my knowledge Australia has one of the strictest immigration systems on the planet but he begged to differ. His friends down under have painted a rosy picture of a Muslim friendly government who are only too happy to accede to their demands in respect of Mosque building and concessions for other religious requirements etc. Australia is now where Great Britain was two decades ago.

His unexpected knowledge of things Australian is part of the process he has started to relocate himself and his extended family to Australia. He believes that as a born and bred British citizen with the right qualifications and skills, together with contacts in high places, the paperwork will be a formality.

If Muslim flight to Australia gains any momentum the British people will consider this a good result but our kith and kin down under, Aboriginals included, had better be prepared. Muslims demand equality then special status. Their demands become more and more outrageous and the result is mono-cultural ghettos which will resemble Karachi rather than the Gold Coast.

In Great Britain, the treacherous 'progressive' political establishment encouraged Muslim immigration in order to pursue their cultural replacement agenda which was forced on the people against their wishes. This has resulted in devastation for whole areas of the former green and pleasant land and a downgrade of the country to almost third world status. Some parts of Great Britain are unrecognizable from a decade ago.

If this trickle becomes a flood then the character of Australia will change for the worse. Aboriginals will be considered worse than infidels, sub-human even. I would suggest that Australians begin the process of vetting their politicians prior to the next election and root out any 'progressives' that are quietly intent on following their British counterparts with a cultural replacement agenda.

Learn from the mistakes of the British people and don't let it happen to you.


  1. Strange why returning to their own shit-holes never seems an option.

    1. That is the biggest question ever where Muslims are concerned, one that they never answer.