Monday, July 1, 2013

British Muslim Paedophile Scandal - No Repurcussions For Guilty Officials

It is difficult for those ordinary people who live in the real world outside of the political establishment to comprehend the magnitude and horror of the Muslim paedophile scandals that has rocked British cities in the recent past.

It is not at all difficult for the professional political classes to comprehend. From the local authorities, local councilors, their social services departments and the police, the barbaric behavior of the perpetrators went on with their full knowledge and therefore with their approval.

From Rochdale, Rotherham, the dreaming spires of Oxford and all over England, Muslim paedophile gangs have been allowed to groom under age white girls with drink and drugs then subject them to vile abuse and the most bestial of sexual exploitation.

The question on the lips of any person who has a shred of decency is: how can the authorities let this happen to vulnerable, underage white girls and still sleep at night let alone draw their bloated salaries from the very people their are charged to serve?

Everyone knows the answer of course, but under the current regime that uses the politics of fear to crush any dissent, the once proud British people are afraid to speak out and act in defence of their own young people. Fear is their element and they swim in it.

The British people of today are crippled by political correctness and do not have the stomach for a fight that their illustrious ancestors possessed. I am not optimistic that they could win a minor skirmish against an irritant nation never mind stand alone and defy an enemy as formidable as the Nazi's of 1938.

This sad situation began during the Heath/Wilson/Callaghan governments of the 1970's and 80's but began in earnest with the 'progressive' government of Phony Tony Blair in 1997. This self loathing, treacherous low life and his traitorous collaborators hated the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture of Great Britain and made the decision to replace it once and for all via open border mass immigration combined with vilifying anyone who raised the question of its propriety or legitimacy.

At the same time they stuffed the British establishment and its institutions with like minded cronies who would collaborate in this grand project and do their bidding without question.

Every British institution from Parliament, the BBC, the NHS, the police, the education and teaching establishment, the councils and local authority departments have been politicized and are now being run by Common Purpose trained, brainwashed disciples of the cultural replacement agenda.

Even the politically correct Fire Brigade bosses have been known to force its brave firemen to attend homosexual pink marches under threat of the sack.

The British people have even been blessed with Orwellian government departments, stuffed with career politicians and civil servants, such as the Department of Communities and Local Government and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

They have even been blessed with the terminally useless Baroness Warsi masquerading as the Minister for Faith and Communities. It is obvious to all but the media created Prime Minister, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, that Warsi is a piece of dead wood and a liability, who only holds her position because she ticks the female, Muslim and non white boxes.

These 'progressive' cronies are totally committed to the cultural transformation agenda and will take care of their own should any of their number fall foul of the law.

Despite the horrific nature of the crimes committed by these bestial Muslim paedophiles against innocent under age white girls, no official has resigned voluntarily or been forced to resign, let alone been prosecuted. It would appear that these so called officials are in charge of everything but responsible for nothing.

One victim reported her abuse to the police on multiple occasions but was ignored and even threatened with arrest for wasting police time. Who are the police officers concerned? What are their names and why have they not been sacked with loss of pension rights for gross negligence and for being accessories to child abuse? Where are their local members of Parliament?

In Oxford the council and police leaders have shown their utter contempt for the people they are paid to represent by brazenly refusing to resign despite calls for them to step down.

Oxford Council leader Joanna Simons is refusing to resign form her $150,000+ salary. In the name of decency she should resign forthwith, failing that she should be prosecuted for negligence, being an accomplish to child abuse, dereliction of duty etc. There is no reason not to sack or prosecute her, apart from the establishment looking after their own.

Head of the Thames Valley police Sara Thompson has similarly refused to resign despite her incompetence and negligence being a prime factor in the continued abuse of under age girls. Both Thompson and Simons are spinning that they were slow to pick up the problem but as the world and its uncle knows, they had been aware of this horrific abuse for many years and chose to ignore it for reasons of 'cultural sensitivities'. The cultural replacement agenda takes priority over vulnerable young girls. Would it be the case if it were their own young daughters being horribly abused by older barbaric men? I think not.

There are similar incidences of young girls reporting their abuse to social workers, councillors and teachers then being ignored. What are their names and why are they still in their jobs? Why are they still being paid by the taxpaying public that they have so grossly let down?

At the very least every official concerned, even down to the most lowly apparatchik, should be named and publicly shamed for their part in allowing these beasts to carry on with their crimes. They are all guilty.

Despite all the spin by the various publicly funded media managers, employed in their thousands by the establishment, their excuses won't wash with the informed public. "Lessons have been learned" is now threadbare and overused. It is not acceptable anymore.

It must be made clear that the only reason these horrific crimes were ignored by MP's,  the police, the councils and the rest of the cowardly political establishment was because the perpetrators were Muslims and the establishment's use of political correctness in order to facilitate cultural replacement, took absolute priority over the well being of under age girls.

They all share the guilt and must be exposed, sacked and prosecuted. The people are not powerless and they should wake up and learn how to use that power. People should not be afraid to question their local and national representatives and insist that those who were complicit in this apalling abuse be held responsible or face the consequences at the ballot box. It can be done.


  1. If they devoted one tenth of the time money and effort to what has been spent on the various investigations into the Stephen Lawrence murder they would have gone a long way to saving a large number of these poor girls. Many, but not all, of the victims came from broken homes and were probably considered expendable.
    The hunt for the facilitators should start with the police that threatened one poor girl with arrest for wasting police time, he cannot be too difficult to find, surely?

    1. You are absolutely correct in what you say. The facilitators should not be difficult to find. They are covering up for each other with the approval of the government.

      Instead of sitting on useless committees or indulging themselves on overseas fact finding junkets, the local MP's should be tasked with finding those responsible under threat of being de-selected if they fail.

  2. Both the post and the above comment are spot-on. And we all know it!

    1. Nice to hear from you again, Dickiebo. We miss your blog.
      P.S. Jimmy Savile was a Godsend to all those who allowed this scandal to go on for decades.

    2. Thanks dickie, I hope all is well and you will be back soon.

  3. Another candidate for Oxygen Thief of the Millemium to date is the chinless, but multi-jowelled, Barrenness Ashton.

    Appointed by the Orange One, retained by the Cameroon One, and reputedly the highest-paid female politician on the planet, she makes one pine for Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Carlos the Jackal, even the Taliban, none of whom are there when we really need them.

    1. Hello Roger, I like your sense of humour. The Ashton creature is living proof that being totally useless is no barrier to high office. It is also proof that cronyism is alive and well and infesting our rotten political system.

  4. The major player in all of these cases have been the Police authority within each area of responsibility, who have known about it for years, and suppressed the information relating to the Islamic gangs pedophile activities. Put a spotlight on Jack Straw, and make him crack open about his knowledge passed forth to him from senior islamic elders within his community.

    We have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as these gangs are concerned, many individuals yet to receive the six o clock bang at the door have long since departed these shores, back to their place of origin where they now reside under a slimy rock.

    I totally agree that social workers, councillors, teachers, police authorities as well as politicians should be thoroughly investigated, and dismissed on the spot when found guilty, without a ring-fenced pension. But, as stated, where is the investigation into the gross failure?

    Yours Aye

    1. Thanks for your comments. Jack Straw knows more than he is prepared to let on but then he is a political low life like his boss Phony Tony.

      This is a national scandal bigger than the NHS death factories or the phone hacking of celebrities.

      There must be an enquiry to expose and punish those who are guilty of aiding child abuse by turning a blind eye.

  5. Why have you become so weak (and I mean this kindly). The perpetrators ........ and those who have allowed this to happen ..... would have been strung up from a lamp post by the victims' fathers and brothers a few decades ago. I believe the only way you are going to reclaim your land is to become the people you once were, a country that could take on the might of the Germans, not once but twice. Light the candle and you'll be surprised by the support you'll get from your colonial cousins.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I live in hope that lamp posts will play a part in this disaster before the end.

      You are right that the British are not the same people as they were a generation ago. The education system and political correctness have taken a heavy toll.

      I appreciate the moral support from our colonial cousins but they should be alert to the danger, they are next in line for transformation.