Friday, July 19, 2013

Immigration Disaster II - Australian PM Acts While British PM Lays Out The Welcome Mat

The long suffering British people will be green with envy as the Australian Prime Minister broke the political rule book and actually listened to the people he is paid to represent.

Kevin Rudd's announcement that all new unauthorized asylum seekers will be sent to Papua New Guinea and that they will have 'no chance' of ever staying in Australia will be welcome news if he follows through on his promises.

He will have a mountain to climb due to the opposition he is bound to face from the bleeding heart, hand wringing 'progressives' who are committed to cultural and demographic replacement in the civilized world. This is regardless of the fact that their policy of multi-culturalism has been acknowledged as an unmitigated disaster by current world leaders including German leader Angela Merkel.

In Great Britain, where the treacherous political class are so committed to cultural replacement that mass immigration has changed the face of the country to the point where whole areas are unrecognizable from a decade ago. The people were not consulted and even if they were they would never have given their consent to this devastation transformation.

The last 'progressive' Labour government dismantled Britain's border controls by stealth in order to facilitate multi-culturalism and deliberately overload the system. The immigration backlog now stands at 500,000 that they know about, which will take an estimated 37 years to clear.  As is usual in the taxpayer funded public sector, nobody is being held responsible for this criminal behavior and nobody is being prosecuted.

As anyone with an ounce of sense will know, this backlog will be used by the cynical, manipulating political elite as the justification for a general amnesty and an additional 500,000 will have a legal entitlement to taxpayer funded welfare benefits.

The former head of the UK Border Agency Brodie Clark, complained that his officials "were being overwhelmed with the sheer volume of cases", before he was forced from his job for deliberately relaxing passport controls. As a civil servant he had no authority to relax passport controls, unless ordered to do so by a higher authority, therefore he and they should be prosecuted.

The taxpaying public would also like to know why 500,000 GBP of their hard earned money was given by the Agency to outside consultants in the final quarter of 2012. Who were the recipients of this money and what was it for?

While the Australian Prime Minister is taking steps to prevent a British type catastrophe being visited on his people, his counterparts in London are doing nothing more than making promises they know they won't keep. They are reduced to making high profile gestures, such as removing the camps of Romanian criminals from London's iconic tourists spots, but they know this is only window dressing designed to deceive.

The headlines and photographs make good viewing for the traumatised British people and serve only to give the impression that the politicians are taking action. In reality it is only a publicity stunt to prepare the people for the deluge to come in January 2014, when restrictions are lifted on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens wanting to come to Britain.

Unlike Kevin Rudd's support for the Australian people, Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron and his Deputy, Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg, are vocal in their support for the British people to be further integrated into the European Union, without a care for the consequences.

The plague of Romanian and Bulgarian criminal gangs that are currently infesting Paris don't appear to be a deterrent for the British politicians and they don't care that they are visiting this same disaster on the people they claim to represent.

Despite the overwhelming support of the British people for an end to mass immigration, these two self confessed 'progressives', with assistance from the Speaker of the House, are putting out the welcome mat for tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian beggars and criminal gangs to ply their trade in every town and city of this green and pleasant land.

The coming invasion may very well be the final straw that compels the British people to act in their own defence. 'Dave' and Nick 'The Quisling' Clegg will have a lot to answer for when their deliberate policy of mass immigration ends in violence and disorder. It will be no use spinning that it is only a minority of xenophobes, little Engenders, closet racists and swivel eyed loons that are causing trouble.

The majority of the British people are none of these things but regardless of these smears they should take it upon themselves to protect their persons and property with whatever it takes from any criminal gangs that think they can come uninvited into their country and indulge in the thieving of what they have worked all their lives to earn.

Update: If there is any doubt that these migrants are not genuine asylum seekers then the riots that met Kevin Rudd's statement should clear that up. These are economic migrants looking for a better life on someone else's dime.

The experience of the British people is proof positive that these migrants, far from being grateful to escape to a free country, start making demands for special treatment the minute they have signed up for their welfare 'entitlements'. They refuse to assimilate or make a contribution to British life but use every opportunity to recreate the very hell holes they left behind.


  1. Kevin Rudd is facing an election in September and he and his party are in dire straights. They are sacrificing future Labour voters in the hope that they can get back some of their traditional supporters by making this promise. Don't expect him to stick to it just as his predecessor promised no 'climate change' legislation in any government she lead. They are leftists and are even less trustworthy than the current crop of conservatives in the anglophone world.

    1. Agreed. Desperation as an election is around the corner.

    2. I guessed it was electioneering, Rudd is a politician after all. However, I couldn't pass up opportunity to have a go at Cameron and co.

      I read today that his statement has caused riots on the island and locals helped sort it out.

  2. Rudd will say anything to get reelected, he has not announced how much of our long suffering taxpayer $$$$ he is bribing the PNG Government with in terms of aid for the PNG government to agree with this. Based on previous Labour cock ups cost estimates range up to elevnty billion.

    If this had been the "evil " Liberals planning this the usual chorus on the left would have been screaming from the rooftops that this is indicative of the eviliness of the right, but the ABC have been relatively quiet on this matter. Anything seems to be justified to ensure that the evil Liberals do not get elected.

    1. Thanks for your comment. In all my years travelling I never made to Australia, some people tell me I missed the best part. I'm still young-ish, so I may get there yet.

      Its a theme on this site that politicians will say anything to get elected so I guess Rudd is only doing what comes natural.

      Am I right I assuming that ABC is similar to the BBC?