Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Glorious Dead - Military Heroes Betrayed By Political Cowards

During a search for some of my ancestors, I came upon a military headstone which happened to be the final resting place of not one hero but two, a father and his son.

Whenever I come across one of these headstones I stop to pay my respects and give thanks for their sacrifice on my own, and the country's behalf.

As of late I have started to photograph some of these military graves for my archives. I believe that its only a matter of time before these headstones are removed from civilian cemeteries for causing offence to some politically correct clowns in pursuit of their 'progressive' agenda.

The headstone reads:                                  28443 Driver
                                                          ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY
                                                             10TH NOVEMBER 1917

                                                               10729742 GUNNER
                                                               ROYAL ARTILLERY
                                                        21ST DECEMBER 1940 AGE 26
                                                                     IN MEMORY
                                                     OF A DEVOTED HUSBAND AND SON
                                                  FOR EVER ENSHRINED IN OUR HEARTS

Anyone other than an emotional hard case could fail to be moved by the sacrifice made, not only by these brave men but by the wife and mother who lost both her loved ones in the service of their country.

Later that day I witnessed the debilitating spectacle of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, declaring his absolute dedication to the cause of Great Britain giving up its sovereignty and joining the 'ever closer union' to a German dominated United States of Europe.

Further more, and to rub salt into the country's wounds, he did this sharing a platform with two of the most fanatical of the Euro Federalists. These two creatures make no secret of their determination to bring an end to the independent nation states of Europe, including Great Britain, and subjugate them all into a post democratic political aberration that is plunging the peoples of Europe into abject poverty and misery.

Cameron looked at ease and comfortable selling his nation out flanked by the EU's unelected leaders Portuguese Maoist, Jose Manuel Barroso, and the sinister Belgian totalitarian, Herman von Rumpuy.

Also on the platform was the 'Progressive in Chief' from over the water. The misnamed leader of the free world endorses the subjugation of the British people into this anti-democratic institution. If the United States of Europe is such a great institution for the British people then there is no reason why America shouldn't join also. A name change to the United Transatlantic Union, a surrender of sovereignty then the transfer of $100 million per day and its a done deal.

The leaders and senior members of the three legacy political parties, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband et al, are all committed to selling out the Great Britain that W and J.Whelan died for. These traitorous political weasels and their collaborators are trampling over their grave and dishonouring these hero's to whom they owe everything.

It should be obvious by now that the European Union is a disaster for the people of Europe but a gold mine for the politicians and their attendant bureaucrats. Fortunes have been made by washed up political has beens, like Neil and Glenys Kinnock, who treated the European taxpayer as a cash cow and a means of filling their bank accounts before settling down to a comfortable retirement in that den of thieves known as the House of Lords.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, these Quislings have always been spinning that Great Britain's interests lie inside the EU and the Single Market. Throughout history treaties and trade deals have been entered into without surrendering sovereignty and there is no reason to surrender it now. Countries from around the world are signing trade deals with the EU without surrendering their sovereignty. The latest $75 billion deal with the United States requires no loss of sovereignty on the part of the American people.

Contrary to what the political class is spinning, the European project is nothing other than nation building, using the failed Soviet Union model as a template. There is no difference between the two.

Since that day at the cemetery I have rethought my attitude to the European Union, including the issue of a referendum.

Great Britain was an independent and sovereign nation at the start of World War l.  W. Whelan went to war and sacrificed his life to protect that sovereignty from the Kaiser's dream of a German dominated Europe. Great Britain was still independent and sovereign at the start of World War II when J.Whelan made the same sacrifice, to protect that same sovereignty but this time from Hitler's dream of a German dominated Europe.

British sovereignty was bought with the lives of these two men and a million others, therefore it cannot be surrendered without their consent. As they are all dead it means that British sovereignty can never be surrendered, not ever.

Neither the traitorous political class nor the people have the authority to surrender British sovereignty and there is no requirement for any referendums.

No referendums were held for the handing over of sovereignty starting with the Merger Treaty and continued with the Single European Act. Referendums were also not held when sovereignty was surrendered by the Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon treaties. By the same account, no referendums should be necessary to repeal these treaties in order to take that sovereignty back.

The sacrifice of W and J. Whelan guarantees British sovereignty for all future generations and no single generation has the authority to surrender it, it is not theirs to give away.

Sovereignty is held in trust by one generation and must be handed on intact to the next, that's what W and J. Whelan sacrificed their lives for and that sacrifice must be respected.

Despite their continuous whinging and whining, the political parasites of today have sacrificed nothing and have no stature whatsoever when compared with W and J. Whelan; they owe everything to the sacrifice of others.

They should show some respect and honour the memory of our Glorious Dead by protecting the sovereignty that they died for and end the sellout of their country to the totalitarians of Europe.


    They don't treat the living any better