Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fighting Back Against Islam - Buddhist Monk Walks Where Archbishops Fear To Tread

It didn't take long for the people to find out that the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is a Marxist theologian following in the footsteps of the last 'progressive' vicar of Christ to hold the post.

Justin Welby and his predecessor, Rowan Williams, are now notorious for their support of all things 'progressive', from income redistribution and increasing welfare dependency to homosexual priests and multi-culturalism.

It's hard to find anywhere in these two holy men's pronouncements any references to the Christianity they claim to represent. Its even harder to find any pronouncements condemning the excesses of Islam both home and abroad.

At home the two vicars of Christ, being on a superior spiritual plane to the rest of the people, conveniently turn a blind eye to Muslim leaders openly declaring jihad against a Christian Great Britain. They also choose to ignore these same leaders declaring that whole areas of some cities, which are supposedly under their own Christian jurisdiction, to be infidel free zones subject to Sharia law.

They also turn a blind eye to the standard Islamic behavior of spousal abuse, child abuse, paedophilia, the public murder of infidels, suicide bombing or the worshiping of death like civilized people worship life.

On events abroad, they can barely muster a comment on the horrific holocaust being waged against their Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines etc. Christian men, women and children being butchered and sometimes burned alive in their homes and churches.

To the two holy men of Britain, these atrocities against their fellow Christians don't appear to deserve the same priority as the sin of capping welfare payments or making work pay. Protesting the deadly sin of reducing government dependency takes a higher priority than protesting the slaughtering of Christians abroad, even though reducing dependency improves the human condition and restores dignity to the unemployed.

Like all other Marxists their minds are closed to any alternatives to their discredited ideology.

Its a sad state of affairs when it is left to a Buddhist monk, who has lived his life under the oppressive tyranny of the military dictatorship in Burma (Myanmar), to see the reality of Muslim global intentions and to speak the truth to the world, while at the same time taking the fight peacefully to the enemy in his country.

U Wirathu is awake to the danger posed to his culture and religion by a desert death cult which declares that everyone on the planet must be subservient to Islam or risk death by beheading and he is not prepared to stand idly by and let it happen.

'Progressives' and dhimmi's in the West are not going to let the noble monk get away with it and they have started their predictable tactics of demonization and smear campaigns. They are also blaming the Buddhist/Muslim violence in Burma on him, accusing him of being the Buddhist bin Laden.

Wirathu is accused of inciting violence with his sermons, but unlike his Muslim counterparts, he doesn't preach a Buddhist jihad, suicide bombing, martyrdom and virgins or the worshiping of death over life.

"I believe Islam is a threat not just to Buddhism but for the people and the country and the religion", he is quoted a saying. "The growth of Islam is putting Buddhism and Burmese culture at risk" he truthfully says.

Wirathu insists that "it is vital that Buddhist people keep their business relationships and land dealings away from Muslims because he fears their population will get bigger than ours and Sharia law will take over". This true statement will send Western 'progressives' and dhimmi's  apoplectic with faux outrage.

The fact is that this Buddhist monk has seen the disastrous results of continually giving in to the demands of Muslims in other areas of the world and has realized the danger to his country, his people, his culture and his religion.

Unlike his British and Western counterparts, he is unwilling to turn a blind eye to the Muslim desire of global subservience to their desert death cult and he is speaking up and acting on behalf of his people.

U Wirathu's willingness to put his life on the line to speak the truth is putting the two British vicars of Christ to shame for their cowardice and their unwillingness to put the well being of their flock ahead  of their pursuit of the secular 'progressive' agenda demanded by their perverted ideology.


  1. I think our current Archbishop is half or quarter Jewish, and I have a strong hunch his idiot predecessor is an atheist.

    1. Marxist Welsh git Rowan Williams was put in place to transform the Church of England in order for it to fit in with the rest of the politicised establishment. They all now work toward implementing the 'progressive' agenda.

      Like the BBC appointing a Muslim as head its religious department, these 'progressive' Archbishops won't object to minarets around Westminster Abbey on grounds of celebrating diversity and multi-culturalism.