Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rewarding Criminals - Mayor of London Wants Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

Just as his star was rising in the heavens and he was setting out his stall for a possible leadership challenge for the Conservative Party, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, shows his contempt for the majority of the British people by calling for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

It seems to be that the modern political elite have a death wish as they appear to take delight in upsetting the British people by always proposing policies that are diametrically opposed to what they want.

Boris Johnson was burnishing his credentials for a shot at the leadership by touting a credible alternative to the media created PR Prime Minister 'Call Me Dave' Cameron. This shouldn't be difficult as 'Dave' has proved himself to be a remote chinless wonder, who is determined to push the trendy 'progressive' agenda so beloved of his metropolitan elitist chums.

It is now universally accepted that open border mass immigration has been a disaster for the ordinary people of Great Britain in terms of jobs, low wages, access to low cost housing, schools, health care etc. plus the general downgrading of British values that have been forced on the people without their consent.

Far from the peaceful, multi-cultural utopia that Johnson and his ilk would have the world believe, London, the capital city of what once was the greatest nation on earth, is now a cesspit of crime infested, mono-cultural ghettos from Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets, Broadwater Farm to the Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos around Finsbury Park. Non British and their descendants will soon form the majority of London's population if they don't already.

With unemployment standing at 9.1% the jobless people of London, particularly the young, do not want any further immigration at all let alone an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The only people who benefit from third world mass immigration are unscrupulous businessmen using cheap labour to boost their profits and the political low lifes who are spinning that the stuffy British and their boring lives are being enriched in order to justify their cultural replacement agenda.

Boris Johnson is well aware that amnesty for illegal immigrants would be yet another disaster for the British people. Italy granted amnesty to 119,000 illegals in 1988, when the exercise was repeated in 2002 the number had risen to 700,000. Similarly Spain granted amnesty to 44,000 in 1985 which rose to 700,000 in 2005.

The disaster would be even worse for Great Britain with its estimated 1 million+ illegal immigrants.

The key word used to describe the people in question is illegal. Has Boris Johnson and the political elite redefined the word to mean something else?

Entering the country illegally and breaking visa requirements means that the perpetrators have broken the law, as have bank robbers, burglars, thieves, muggers, rapists and murderers.

The political low lifes need to understand just as the British people understand, illegal means just that...illegal!

Politicians do not have the authority to order those responsible for upholding the law to ignore law breaking when it suits their political agenda. Any police officer or border control agent who turns a blind eye to illegal immigration are breaking the law themselves just as if they turned a blind eye to a bank robbery.

In this age of equality, an amnesty for law breaking illegal immigrants must be extended to all law breakers. The state cannot reward one sector of the law breaking community without rewarding all the others.

Boris Johnson is not alone, the political elite in the United States are pulling the same stunt, only on a much bigger scale. The disaster about to be unleashed on our American cousins will be life changing.

Rewarding 11 million law breaking, illegal immigrants with amnesty will ensure the end of the Republican Party and with it the prospect individual liberty for all and it would herald the end of constitutionally limited government.

Boris Johnson, like 'Dave', does not have to suffer the consequences of the policies they put in place for the rest of the people. No Sharia controlled Muslim ghettos for them or their spawn, no Romanian gypsy camps in Whitney, Henley or Islington, no war experienced Somali youths stealing their taxpayer funded limousines and plotting to join the jihad in Mogadishu.

This enforced cultural enrichment is for the little people and according to the political shysters that rule their lives, they had better get used to it and stop whining.

The political class is out of control and as a result they have become arrogant and dismissive of the public they are paid to serve.

The only peaceful way to shock some sense into these people is to put an end to their cushy life. This can be achieved by rejecting the historical political parties and voting out the time serving incumbents. The useless buggers can then be replaced with locally selected political alternatives.

In my case that will be UKIP.


  1. As I'll never vote conservative again, I've got no dog in this fight, but Boris would be almost as bad as Cameron. Another Bullingdon Boy. Just after Lee Rigby's ritual slaughter Boris was in front of the cameras, claiming, as Cameron did, that it had nothing to do with islam. Total bollox. Boris has been recorded quoting some of the more bloodthirsty commands of the Koran when it suited his purpose. Another bare faced liar. Probably make him a good candidate,

    1. Boris had his chance to prove he was on the side of the majority and he blew it.

      He has lost all credibility and he is off the list.