Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Political Correctness Insanity - Prison Officers Suspended After Fracas With Soldiers Killer

The world was horrified to witness the public beheading of soldier Lee Rigby on a London Street in full view of a playground full of school children.

The images of the blood soaked killer still wielding the cleaver that he used in this horrific crime, ranting at passers by about whatever was bothering his warped Islam infected brain was flashed across the world's media for all to see.

The world will be equally horrified to learn about the five prison officers suspended from duty for restraining the killer during a prison fracas.

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Michael Adebolajo  is yet another example of forced multi-culturalism, whereby a young man is unable to identify with, or integrate into a society, who feels his unasked for presence is incompatible with their own culture.

He took advantage of the generosity afforded to him by the British people to escape the horrors of his ancestral homeland and then go on to abuse that same generosity by converting to Islam and adopting the death worshiping culture of Islamic jihad.

The fact that this subhuman beast belongs to a desert death cult that was unasked for, and unwanted by the British people, is indisputable by everyone except the government and the Common Purpose indoctrinated establishment machine that has been put in place to impose this multi-cultural agenda.

The government and the establishment still pander to every whim from this vocal, demanding minority while at the same time smearing and abusing anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Even innocent older ladies from Rochdale are smeared as bigots for daring raise the issue with the then Prime Minister.

Insults, smears and rigorously enforced political correctness are the preferred weapons of choice used by the government against the British people.

The people watched helplessly as the political establishment, including the police and social workers, turned a blind eye to horrific sexual abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs, supposedly in the interests of cultural sensitivity. Obviously the cultural sensitivities of the indigenous population can be ignored.

Radical imams are allowed into the country and home grown ones are allowed to spout their filth, while the government clamps down on bloggers such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who expose the daily violence of Islam and bring this news to the people.

Michael Adebolajo, despite his horrific crime, is still indulged unlike any other prisoner. On his first appearance in court he was allowed to misbehave and then proceeded to tell the judge he wants to be addressed as Mujahid Abu Hamza in future. Unbelievably and to the consternation of all normal thinking people, she meekly agreed to his demand.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that a committed Muslim jihadi like Michael Adebalojo is going to misbehave in prison, and when he does he is going to be dealt with. It also comes as no surprise that only in a country that is crippled by political correctness can the prison officers be suspended from duty for doing the job they are paid to.

It can be taken for granted that if this had been anyone other than a Muslim or Michael Adebolajo it would not have made the news and the prison officers would still be doing their duty.

Nobody outside of the 'progressive' Muslim grievance community would bat an eyelid to hear that this savage lost a couple of teeth in a fracas that he started himself. The Muslim community has been emboldened by the cowardice of the political establishment who they know will bend over backwards to favourably address every demand they make.

In the meantime five desperately needed prison officers, who have to work daily with the dregs of humanity, are tainted with suspicion that they broke the rules in dealing with this obviously violent animal.

The prison management should be ashamed of themselves for indulging in political correctness of the most cowardly and destructive sort. They should resign in shame and the five officers should be re-instated immediately with their records cleared of any suspicion of wrong doing.


  1. The prison officers should be given a bonus, and told to hit harder next time.

    1. He would have tripped on the stairs in the old days

  2. My heart bleeds purple piss for them, my the burn in Hell for all eternity.

    1. Mine too. I hate them with every fibre of my being.