Friday, July 12, 2013

Denis MacShane - Corrupt Politician Gets Leniency, The People And Justice Get Shafted

If ever there was an example of the political establishment looking after its own, then the pathetically lenient treatment of corrupt political thug Denis MacShane is it. This odious socialist parasite had infested the British Parliament for 18 years before being suspended from the Labour Party and the Commons, he was readmitted by the Party, but eventually resigned as a Member of Parliament when the weight of his corrupt, criminal behavior became to much for him to deny any longer.

The writing was on the wall from the start but people like MacShane always seem to win through in the end by a combination of spin, outright lies and a dumbed down electorate; in this case the voters of the blighted town of Rotherham.

As an employee of the BBC, the taxpayer funded voice of the 'progressive' brain dead and a Guardian contributor, which is nothing other than the BBC agenda in print, MacShane had all the credentials required of a Labour MP. It wasn't easy though as he was refused the candidacy in Solihull, Coventry, Neath and Rotherham at first time of asking. They eventually succumbed to his charms during a byelection in 1994.

During his time in Parliament he bullied and looted his way into higher office including the Minister for Europe. Incredulously he was appointed and remained a Privy Councillor despite being the incumbent MP during the shocking Rotherham paedophile scandal, where he attempted to blame the victims and their parents for the appalling abuse endured by underage white girls at the hands of Muslim paedophile gangs.

The evidence of criminal behavior and corruption against MacShane was overwhelming and his case was even described by the House of Commons own Standards and Privileges Committee as "the gravest case which has come to us for adjudication".

The Committee found that MacShane had:

Claimed nearly 20,000 GBP per year in expenses for an office which turned out to be the garage of his South Yorkshire Home.

Signed claims using a false name purporting to come from a General Manager who did not exist.

Knowingly submitted nineteen false invoices over a period of four financial years which were plainly intended to deceive the Parliamentary expenses authorities.

Claimed thousands of pounds for eight computers that got 'lost' or were taken by interns.
(These interns should not be difficult to trace. Why have they not been prosecuted for stealing public property?)

Claimed 12,900 GBP for invoices from his European Policy Institute (EPI) slush fund without providing a single receipt for payments.

For anyone in the private sector or anywhere in the real world outside the incestuous political establishment, this list of crimes would have meant summarily dismissal with loss of all accrued perks and benefits followed by prosecution to the full extent of the law.

As the world is aware the political class looks after its own and MacShane's punishment for these crimes against the taxpayer was temporary suspension from the Labour Party and a 12 months suspension from the House of Commons. Unable to let their star corruptocrat go he was reinstated by the Labour Party before he was shamed into resigning his seat.

After initially refusing to investigate MacShane, the police were obliged take up the case after public outrage and a report from a public spirited individual. The evidence was overwhelming so the police had no choice but to forward their file to the Crown Prosecution Service(CPS).

The CPS is rightly perceived to be a corrupt establishment organization which is stuffed to the gunwales with Common Purpose trained 'progressive' placemen who don't prosecute on the basis of law breaking but on the basis of whether it's in the public interest to do so.

This perversion of the Criminal Justice System allows the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Kier Starmer, who is named after the Labour Party icon Kier Hardie, the authority to prosecute as he sees fit.

Not to prosecute MacShane on the damning evidence would have stretched public credulity too far, therefore the self confessed 'progressive' Kier Starmer, was forced to act on behalf of his corrupt soulmate.

Instead of prosecuting the criminal low life to the full extent of the law, as he would have done against any citizen from the real world, he is prosecuting MacShane on the single charge of false accounting for the 12,900 GBP he stole from his EPI slush fund.

Although this will be perceived by people in the real world as an obvious perversion of justice to protect the interests of a fellow 'progressive', his own justification is as crooked as his soulmate Denis.

Kier 'Hardie' Starmer has decided not to prosecute MacShane for the other criminal counts because of 'lack of evidence' or it is not 'in the public interest' to do so, even though the evidence from the Standards and Privileges Committee is overwhelming.

It cannot be 'in the public interest' for:

a) the Criminal Justice System to be seen to be so obviously flawed and open to abuse.

b) the Director of Public Prosecutions to be perceived to be so obviously biased toward a political soulmate.

c) a blatantly corrupt and criminal politician to be treated so leniently when citizens outside the political establishment would have been punished more severely for the same offences.

d) the House of Commons Standards and Privileges Committee evidence to be ignored, making them look ineffectual at best and incompetent at worst.

If the evidence against MacShane was insufficient for a prosecution why was the same evidence sufficient to warrant his suspension from the Labour Party, the House of Commons and his eventual resignation as an MP without complaint or an appeal? He has admitted his own guilt.

Denis MacShane is one of the thousands of politicians and public officials who are corrupt or who indulge in criminal behavior against the people who pay their wages and in whom the people have placed their trust.  Every last one of them should be rooted out, prosecuted and barred from public office for life.


  1. I think when he was a big cheese at the NUJ he initiated a policy of always showing the BNP in the worst possible light, whist covering up the ethnicity of violent and dangerous criminals.....unless they were white.

    1. MacShane is typical of the agenda driven crooks that infest British politics to the detriment of the people.

      Him and his ilk should be barred from public office for life.