Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Trashing Of London - Mass Immigration And The EU Agenda

Any mention of the government's open border mass immigration policy is usually accompanied by a deluge of abuse, smears and cries of racism from the usual quarters, including the grievance and self loathing industries. These smears have been overused and are now ineffective, people have lost their fear of being smeared as a racist and this is causing panic in government circles.

The decision to replace the traditional British Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture was taken many years ago by a so called 'progressive' elite from what is now the European Union.

This was agreed to by collaborators from the British Labour Party and the wider political establishment who, like their continental partners, believe that Europe needed transforming from the old class based nation states, which were supposedly riddled with inequalities, to a new post democratic, egalitarian super state where inequality was to be abolished along with representative democracy and the same nation states.

They knew this would be unacceptable to the peoples of Europe therefore they instituted a stealth cultural replacement agenda facilitated by open border mass immigration. This agenda was enforced by rigorously policing political correctness, coupled with one of the biggest smear campaigns in modern history.

The British public are only now beginning to realize that there is cross party collaboration in this cultural replacement project. All three of the legacy party leaders, and the majority of the political establishment, are of one mind when it comes to the post democratic United States of Europe.

It has been a continuing assertion on this site that the political elite do not suffer the consequences of the policies they impose on the rest of the people. The shocking sight of immigrant camps at some of London's most iconic landmarks and the trashing of the capital city doesn't seem to bother them, they couldn't care less because the only time they clap their eyes on this mess is from the back of their taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven limousine.

Politicians ignore the anger of shopkeepers at London's iconic Marble Arch where Romanian beggars and criminal gangs are blighting the lives of shoppers and business people alike.

The fact that the capital city of this once great nation is being systematically trashed and turned into a crime infested cesspit doesn't seem to bother these Quislings as much as the thought of losing power and their taxpayer funded life of luxury along with it.

The people losing their fear of being smeared as racist, combined with the rise of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has put the political class into a something of a panic. They are reduced to making futile public gestures and promises they have no intention of keeping.

Great Britain's appalling media created Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy, Nick Clegg, are both committed to the European Union superstate project, therefore they will say or promise anything to keep it on track and to curry favour with their bosses in Brussels.

When David Cameron promised to make it harder for economic migrants to enter the country by making public services more difficult to access he was roundly rebuked by his EU controllers.

While Cameron and his cronies are promising to make it harder for immigrants to take jobs that should help alleviate unemployment for the dispossessed British worker, they are being made to look complete fools by their bosses in the EU who are offering companies one thousand pound cash bribes to take on foreign workers ahead of British ones.

Cameron and his cronies have no response to these Eurocrats who are now in almost total control of the British government machine.

Cameron and the government knew before they embarked on the Park Lane Romanian beggars
camp eviction that it was a publicity stunt carried out with public relations in mind and to spike the guns of Dissenters and UKIP alike.

Everybody and his uncle also knew that the beggars and criminals would return to their camp no sooner than they were supposedly evicted. Those of the beggars and criminals who were given a taxpayer funded tickets back to Romania have indicated their intention to return to London at the earliest opportunity.

The politicians know, and the informed public know, that because they have handed over British sovereignty to the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels, they are powerless to act in the interests of the British people.

This disaster is nothing compared to what is coming in the very near future. As the informed British people are well aware, this appalling scenario is taking place at a time when controls are in place to restrict Romanian and Bulgarian immigration into Great Britain. These controls must be lifted on January1st 2014 and at this point the torrent will be unleashed.

Tens of thousands of Bulgarians have indicated their intention to join tens of thousands more Romanians headed for British shores to join in the orgy of criminal activity and welfare benefit handouts.

The British political class and their establishment cronies have made it absolutely clear that the trashing of London and the replacement of the tradition British Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture with mono-cultural ghettos at the behest of the Eurocrats, will continue apace. They sense that victory is almost at hand and the long planned post democratic United States of Europe will be a fact.

They are also aware that one in four babies born in Great Britain are fathered by someone from overseas, therefore January 1st is the tipping point from which there is unlikely to be a return for the British people and their unique culture.

Looking at the political scene it would appear that UKIP is the last chance saloon for the British people, whether the low information voters can give up their addiction to tribal voting will be crucial and remains to be seen.


  1. "You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state." – Milton Friedman

    1. No system can remain viable when there are more people taking out than there are people putting in.

      Welfare must be exclusive to the indigenous population and those who have paid in.

  2. Bravo!
    But the answer to this cultural genocide is not to be found at the ballot box -the ballot box led us in the West to this point.
    So-called "democracy" is a sham and a fraud.
    The solution must come from the people,from an angry minority who are prepared to bring the wheels of government at all levels to a grinding halt by passive resistance and non co-operation.
    For how long could the government survive in the face of a refusal by the productive and the skilled to provide their services? Twenty-four hours without power and water would be catastrophic for any modern city.
    The choice has become stark: We choose to fight with the weapons we have or we accept slavery.

    1. Thanks for that. You are right, the time for talking, and blogging, is rapidly coming to an end.

      If we the people don't act and soon its good night Vienna.

  3. Listen to this, it's the way things were but are not to be in the future:


    1. That warmed the cockles of my heart. It should be played in the schools and prior to any public meeting.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks dickie, I have to say that I don't get any pleasure out writing stuff like this. The truth hurts so much that I p*ss myself as I write it.

  5. London's lost to immigration, it's become a mix of dangerous multi-cultural ghettos now which native white only visit to work and play (night at the theatre anyone?).

    I'm genuinely saddened and fearful for this future of this country.

    1. Thanks for commenting. What the politicians have done to London and every other town, city and village in our country is criminal. They have done this deliberately to fulfill their agenda. If there is any justice in this world one day they will pay for these crimes.