Thursday, July 25, 2013

British PM To Export Gay Marriage - No Word Yet From The Muslim World

If people around the world needed confirmation that Great Britain has become a global laughing stock, then the latest announcement by its obviously loony Prime Minister is it.

The utter contempt that the media created, self confessed 'progressive', David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, has for the British people is on display with his latest public pandering to the minority LGBT community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

At a reception thrown for this minority community at the PM's residence 'Dave' spoke about his pride at legalizing same sex marriage after promising to do so by 2015 at a similar reception a year ago. He thanked the ministers and civil servants who steamrollered this legislation through Parliament despite objections from members of his own party and the majority of the British people, who incidentally, were not consulted on this major social change.

It appears that the dire problems facing the vast majority of the British people have a lower priority than the demands of a minuscule number of homosexuals and other deviants. If 'Dave' can push this unasked for legislation through Parliamnt in twelve months there is no reason why he cannot push through other more desperately needed legislation.

While 'Dave' is indulging the minority LGBT community, he is ignoring the majority's overwhelming demand for an immediate referendum on membership of the hated European Union. In a show of absolute contempt he has made a vague promise for 2017 and only if he is re-elected to office.

There is an urgent need for tax reform legislation to help grow the moribund economy.

Sexuality politics are not confined to 'Dave' and his fellow 'progressives' from the Metropolitan elite who hijacked the Conservative Party and usurped power in Great Britain. LGBT hysteria has taken hold in the USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the developed world. Its the new trendy issue among the global elite who are determined to transform Western society without consulting the people.

The global political elite are falling over themselves to demonstrate just who is the most
'progressive'. At the top of the batting order, 'Dave' is starting to overtake the busted flush Obama who's star is waning after a series of epic failures that has exposed him as the socialist charlatan he always was.

Flush with success at home, 'Dave' is now taking his battle overseas. Unbeknown to the people and in their total embarrassment he has unilaterally announced that Great Britain is "the best place to be gay, lesbian or transgender anywhere in Europe". He now wants to 'export' same sex marriage around the world so other countries can follow suit.

He has told the team that steamrollered this legislation through Parliament, now known as 'the Bill Team', that he is reassigning them in order to get Parliaments around the world to do the same.

It would appear that 'Dave is enjoying strutting across the world stage. His rapidly expanding ego is beginning to get the better of him as he states that "all over the world people would have been watching this piece of legislation and we've set something of an example of how to pass good legislation in good time".

Coming from a supposedly well educated Prime Minister this sort of nonsense is worryingly delusional.

People all over the developing word are not watching this legislation, they are trying to exist from day to day. People in the developed world are not watching this legislation, they are watching their living standards plummet and their countries being deliberately downgraded in the interests of global equality.

People in the Muslim world may be watching this legislation but not for the reasons 'Dave' thinks.

To confirm that 'Dave' is losing his marbles he goes on to claim that "many countries are going to want to copy this. And as you know, I talk about the global race, about how we've got to export more and sell more so I'm going to export 'The Bill Team'. I think they can be part of this global race and take it (gay marriage) around the world".

It would be interesting to know the travel arrangements 'Dave' has made for 'The Bill Team' so that we can follow their progress as they export his gay marriage legislation to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc. etc.

'Call Me Dave' is demonstrating by the day, that he is not interested in the views of his party or the British people at large. He is displaying the arrogance and egotistical behavior of his predecessor Phony Tony Blair, by following his personal agenda and that of his fellow 'progressives' who believe they know what's best for the people.


The LGBT agenda is not always as harmless as we are being led to believe. It is not a simple matter of people of the same sex being attracted to each other. As 'Dave' and his fellow 'progressives' try to sell LGBT behavior as natural and normal, it can result in impressionable people harming the children they should be protecting.

Sexual orientation is a natural process which is sometimes in the balance but is usually set by mid teens. For parents to allow a child to decide its sexuality at 6 years old is criminal abuse.

A couple from Maryland are allowing their daughter to live as boy because she wants to. This is nothing new and it as been handled in the past, but talking about using puberty suppressors to facilitate gender choice is child abuse.

Making gender and abnormal sexuality trendy can warp the minds of impressionable young people, which doesn't bode well for the future.

Apparently a celebrity named Snooky, whom I have never heard off but has a substantial following, is a bi-sexual woman who has just had a baby. This is fine so far as it goes but she gives an idea of her warped mind by saying that she wants to have a gay baby boy in the future.

Many contend that this behavior is destructive at best and child abuse at worse. It would be interesting to know what 'Dave' and the trendy 'progressive' community think about these perversions, and do they intend to teach school children that this is sort of attitude is natural?


  1. Something must have happened to Dave in the small hours in the dorm at Eton that has warped his mind. Can't think of any other reason why a supposedly straight man would be so obsessive about gays getting married.
    What's next? Normalisation of paedophilia? Actually it's already happening. In the USA they've started to rebrand them as "minor attracted persons"

    1. 'Dave' is getting a too big for his boots, he needs replacing and soon.

      If the justification for homosexual marriage is 'equality' then other groups of deviants cannot be excluded. Its a perverts charter.

    2. I too think Dave's lost it. But then I wonder if he's trying to be all things to all people. Does he think that'll work????? I mean - bleating on about internet porn and then in the same virtual breath advocating global marriage for homosexuals.....

      Seems he swings in all directions....

    3. Being all things to all people is the Modus Operundi of all politicians nowadays. Nick Clegg is a classic example.

      The sad fact is that people are still taken in by this kind of duplicity and keep returning the same dodgy operators to Parliament every time.

  2. So when the royal babe George becomes king, and if he happens to be gay and gets married Great Britain could have two Kings that are Queens.

    1. That's the first royal baby joke I've seen and its a good one.